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This post is from the Collabnet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jul 24, 2017 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

VersionOne Product Release / Summer 2017

Enterprise Agile Planning

We are excited to announce the VersionOne 2017 Summer Product Release. With this release, VersionOne launches a new, tightly integrated VS Edition for planning and managing the entire software delivery value stream. Additional improvements in VersionOne’s enterprise platform include:

VersionOne Lifecycle for Agile ALM

VersionOne Lifecycle for Agile ALM provides end/to/end enterprise agile lifecycle management that enables teams at all levels – enterprise, portfolio, program, and team — to collaborate and deliver software faster. The Summer 2017 Release includes the following new features and enhancements:

Updated User Interface and Navigation Menu

User Interface and Navigation MenuWe continue to make the user experience a top priority and have provided a clean modern user interface with a more streamlined navigation menu. The value stream navigation / Portfolio, Product, Release, and Team / plus the project scope selector have been strengthened as the primary navigation focus. We’ve also included descriptive icons for secondary areas to enable you to get where you need to go faster.

Filter Improvements

Filter Improvements We worked on expanding the most requested feature in VersionOne IdeaSpace by enabling our users to now have even more flexibility with new enhancements to filter searches. Grid and board filters now have additional options such as a date, numbers and true/false fields. You can also take advantage of comparison functions for dates and numbers such as “equal to”, “greater than”, or “less than” to improve the flexibility for your searches. So now if you are looking for all the stories in your sprint with an estimate larger than 5 or any defects created within the last 2 sprints, they are easy to find.

Team Process Management

Team Process ManagementEmpowering the teams is important at VersionOne! Team process updates allow greater team autonomy, flexibility, and self/organization. Teams can define their own WIP limits, Cycle Time, and Cycle Time Threshold. Once these values have been defined they are used on the Storyboard in Team/specific TeamRooms and on the Iteration Tracking Storyboard when they are filtered to the Team as opposed to a global change for all users.

Delivery Event Visibility

Cross Functional Delivery EventsGet real/time visibility into the continuous delivery status of stories and features for improved decision/making. Delivery Events executed in Continuum are now populated in Lifecycle and you can see contents of a single delivery event or a range of delivery events.  

Complexity Ranking for Workitems and Features

Complexity Ranking for Workitems and FeaturesComplexity ranking for workitems provides visibility into the code/level risk of stories and features to allow teams to assess confidence in their feature code before deployment.  

Inline Asset Editing

Inline Asset EditingEnhanced inline asset editing to provide quicker, more intuitive user/editing capabilities. Also, more asset types, such as Team and Member are now directly editable and numerous usability improvements have been made such as an “unsaved change” warning. Plus, a better editing experience for rich text fields.

Customizable Task and Test Color

Customizable Task and Test ColorWe love hearing from our customers on IdeaSpace so that we can continue to improve their VersionOne experience. Customizing the task and test colors has made its way towards the top of the list and we are happy to be providing this new enhancement. You can now use a color picker to select colors that have meaning to your teams and processes for both the status and type fields on tasks and tests. You now can control coloring of cards for the Taskboard and Testboard too!

VersionOne Continuum™ for DevOps

VersionOne Continuum is an enterprise/scale continuous delivery solution for accelerating the speed, reducing the risk, and ensuring the quality of complex software deployments. This VersionOne product release includes:

Complexity Ranking for Workitems

Complexity RankingComplexity ranking for workitems provides visibility into the code/level risk of stories and features to allow teams to assess confidence in their feature code before deployment.

Environment Relationships for Package Revisions

Environment Relationships for Package RevisionsEnvironment relationships for package revisions provide real/time insight into package revision locations as they move through the value stream.


Introducing VersionOne VS Edition

VersionOne VS is a new offering that uniquely integrates the entire software delivery value stream from Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Roadmapping, Release and Iteration Planning all the way to Release Automation and Orchestration. By connecting historically fragmented tooling and processes into an integrated solution, organizations are empowered with real/time, data/driven insight to track and improve the speed and quality of their entire software delivery cycle.

Summer 2017 Software Update Schedule

VersionOne Lifecycle Team and Catalyst editions will be updated on July 29, 2017. Lifecycle Enterprise and Ultimate editions will be updated on August 12, 2017.

Learn More

VersionOne continues to lead the market with our enterprise/class software planning and delivery platform that unifies Agile and DevOps lifecycle management and our Summer Release includes new capabilities and user experience enhancements that truly enables teams, for the very first time, to optimize their entire software delivery value stream. Check out the VersionOne Product Release page to learn more.

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