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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 22, 2011 — DevOps Expert

Vincent Partington, XebiaLabs CTO, to speak at British Computer Society, 7th June

Vincent Partington to talk about Implementing continuous deployment: seamless application deliveries with a DevOps mindset. Continuous deployment is the next 'Great Leap Forward' in the software production process. In the current development landscape, many changes are delivered on a frequent basis. The adoption of Agile and Cloud based technologies forces organizations to rethink the way they organize their application deployments. The only way to realize seamless application delivery in a scalable way is to leave the manual and semi-scripted approaches behind and embrace Deployment Automation. Sitting at the DevOps boundary, this presents a number of unique technical and process challenges. In this session, we will discuss:
  • The importance of choosing the right format and content for deployment packages
  • How the construction of the package can be automated and brought in line with release management
  • How to enable DevOps to deploy and verify without having to become middleware experts
  • How to tackle the environment-specific customizations that are always required
  • How access controls can allow DevOps to continuously deploy to Test, Acceptance and Production environments
We'll also sketch upcoming trends in the deployment landscape, including the future of transitioning applications from development to test to production environments in a world of clouds and virtual appliances. Register for this event here.

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