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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Sep 06, 2016 — DevOps Expert

Visibility and Control with XL Software


It’s a rat race out there. Companies are competing and feeling the pressure to be more agile than their competitors. The only way to come out ahead is to streamline processes and optimize your software releases. But that can be nearly impossible to accomplish without adopting DevOps tools. In fact, releasing software without the correct tools can be tedious and time consuming manual work that often leads to a messy and error prone process. What the ideal DevOps tool should provide is visibility into all aspects of the pipeline for every user and control over your team’s automation ability. Continuous Delivery software from XebiaLabs unifies disconnected build, CI, test, and deployment tools so you can optimize your process and make more accurate data-driven decisions, earlier. Of course, no truly agile enterprise ever handles just one release at a time. That’s why, with XL Release and XL Deploy, you can work with interconnected release pipelines across your organization both individually and as a whole.   Moreover, XL software enables all members of your team to be on the same page. XL Release functions as a single place to automate and manage work needing to be done. This means that anyone in the organization, regardless of technical ability, will have access to the progress of ongoing releases as well as analytics of past releases. If every member on the team has equal visibility, it allows more steady progress as everyone will know where the company has been, and thus, where it is going.   [caption id="attachment_12642" align="aligncenter" width="708"]XL Software This is what the release process can look like with XL Release: a single place to manage and automate work where anyone in your business can have access to.[/caption]   Universal visibility, however in this case, does not lead to universal control over the pipeline. XebiaLabs’ software enforces a role based security system. This means you are given fine control over who in your organization can work with templates, releases, or both. XebiaLabs aims to give users total control. This is why you are given the option to either release manually or automate everyday via triggers or a schedule.   Learn more about what XebiaLabs has to offer your enterprise: "Visibility, Automation, & Control with XL Release and XL Deploy."  

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