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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jun 24, 2015 — DevOps Expert

What Does Your Testing Look Like?


  • How much do you test your application before launching?
  • Do you deploy your application and then cross your fingers that it “just works”?
  • Did you only run a few unit tests and everything “seemed” okay so you’ve launched, or deployed the new software version?
  • Are your test results all over the place and confusing to makes sense of?
  If you run more rigorous tests, do you or someone on your team spend hours and hours combing through test results from your favorite testing tools just hoping to stumble across something that sticks out? Do you use multiple testing tools and find it hard to keep up with their output?XL TestView is a new tool by Xebialabs that organizes, streamlines and visualizes your test results whether you are performing full blown automated testing in a test driven development environment or just testing your applications when you can. XL TestView helps you:
  • Find problems with your code faster than ever before
  • Create custom dashboards that contain only relevant data
  • Gather test results across different tools and test runs.
  • View all of your results in one place.
XL TESTMany, if not most applications are not tested properly. Development teams are focused on getting the application released, so shortcuts are often made. This means testing suffers and therefore quality also suffers. Stop the suffering with XL TestView! It's an incredible step forward in the world of software application testing. XL TestView is not a testing tool per se; it’s different. At it’s core it is a reporting dashboard that allows you to consolidate and visually report on test specifications and test specification sets from other tools such as Jenkins, xUnit, Jmeter, Cucumber, Gatling and FitNesse.XL TestView is extendable so you can create plugins for your favorite testing tools that aren’t included out-of-the-box. Whether you wish to import existing test results or automatically push results from another tool, XL TestView has you covered. The real power is in its customizable multi-tiered dashboards. Quickly analyze and drill down on failed and flaky test results to find the root cause, view more relevant test result data, and identify and fix issues in your code faster than ever before. XL TestView is a great addition to your agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery toolbox.  It’s also a great tool for developers and QA teams alike. Test early and often and see exactly what is going on with your test results, so your application is production ready faster than ever before.   Test it out yourself and learn more at

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