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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Apr 24, 2010 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

What is Agile ALM anyway?

Enterprise Agile Planning

So it’s been about 75 days since the acquisition of Danube Technologies, Inc. was announced.  Danube was a company that Victor and I started back in 2000.

In 2003 Victor and Michael James (both CSTs now) found a little gray Scrum book – they feel in love and the rest – as they say – is history.  From that point forward Danube became a pure play Scrum success company, launched the very popular ScrumWorks product line and trained over 6,500 ScrumMasters with a focus on transitioning  over 1500 customers from no process / waterfall / RUP to Scrum.

As part of any good acquisition it was our job (as Executives) to evaluate what we brought to the table and position the companies (CollabNet and Danube) as one.  CollabNet, as everyone on the planet knows, is Subversion.  Subversion (with an estimated 5,500,000 users worldwide) is CollabNet.  CollabNet is also leadership with a deep technology board including heavy hitters like Brian Behlendorf and financial backers BenchMark Capital.  CollabNet is also TeamForge.  TeamForge is a product used by 1,800,000 people and is an underlying Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Platform solution.

So where’s the fit?

The landscape of technology changes quickly.  One thing that Victor and I began to see about two years ago was that traditional ALM companies were coming into the agile tooling space.  At the same time agile tool companies with venture funding began broadening their reach to try and become ALM companies.  But why?  Because there is a belief that over time ALM companies and agile tooling companies may become one in the same.  If you listen to Bill Portelli (CEO of CollabNet and my new boss) talk about what problems CollabNet’s SVN and TeamForge products solve it is step-in-step with the problems I think Scrum solves – albeit from a different angle.  CollabNet has traditionally solved problems from a technology point of view – introducing SVN or a Platform that enables transparency and collaboration especially when dealing with the realities of distributed teams.  Scrum – solves team and organizational transparency and collaboration issues as well but our sales folks and trainers usually talk about solving these problems through different process change – types of meetings, separating the ‘how’ from the ‘what’ and so on and so on.

Today – CollabNet is one of the only single source companies offering a combined Agile (ScrumWorks) ALM (Teamforge + Subversion) product stack.  Others have partnered to try to do this same thing.  That said – if you are a new customer of ours – or an existing one – you’ll now hear us talk to you from both a technology and process viewpoint.  It’s an exciting time at CollabNet and over the next 6-24 months – the product roadmap will play out what our vision of what Agile ALM is.  Together with the customers, the community, and of course the analysts – we will forge a different kind of Enterprise Software Company.

Let’s define it together.  Go! Fight! Win!

For more reading on what is Agile ALM – read my article here:

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