Last Updated Oct 01, 2012 — DevOps Expert

During a recent conversation with a leading Forrester analyst four interesting points and predictions came up:

  • DevOps will become NoOps1
  • Model-based automation is required for NoOps
  • The Definitional Model drives the Process Model
  • Scripting and “scripting with a pretty face” (workflows) will decline

The Definitional Model describes the “goal state” of your deployment, i.e. what needs to happen, and the Process Model indicates how that should happen.
At XebiaLabs we’re also strong proponents of model-based automation driven by a Definitional Model (the “Unified Deployment Model” in XL Deploy terms). We want to provide our users with a solution that meets immediate challenges and can also support future developments such as NoOps.What are you seeing in your organization?


  1. You’ll also hear the term AutoOps in places – terminology is still maturing here.

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