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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jul 19, 2015 — DevOps Expert

XL Release 4.7 Brings More Flexible Reporting and an External Storage Database


For everyone using XL Release to manage, visualize and orchestrate your release pipelines -- we’re happy to tell you that version 4.7 is now available! (If you’re not already using XL Release, check out why you should.) The latest version brings several game-changing new features as well as numerous smaller improvements:

1562113F-86D5-47C0-846E-8E10A134AA34 Create pretty release reports using your favorite tools: You can easily generate detailed release reports using your favorite reporting tools, because XL Release now supports external data storage. XL Release 4.7 adds support for Jython-based export hooks that you can use to export information about completed releases to an external database. Archive older data to optimize performance: XL Release now archives completed and aborted release data. This handy “clean-up” feature makes the internal repository faster and more efficient, improving overall XL Release performance. Analyze task execution to improve the release process: XL Release now also helps you to analyze the automated tasks and see how much time they took to execute. This very interesting feature helps you make your releases even more efficient. Retry! Sometimes a task owner might want to try a task again! Every task needs a second chance sometimes :). XL Release now offers you the opportunity to retry an automated task. Printing: Did you ever try to print an overview from XL Release? Check it out now, in the the new version it actually looks great.  Want more? If you want to know know more about how to use these new features or see the full list of improvements, check out the release notes here. Get it! XL Release customers can download XL Release 4.7.0 in the customer download area. If you’re not already using XLR, try it out. As your release pipelines become more and more complex, you’ll need a good way to manage them, and it’s the best tool out there!     Cheers to better releases for all!  -- The XebiaLabs Product team PS - Stay tuned for more goodness in XL Release 4.8, which focuses on horizontal scalability and adds much more power for managing variables both within and across releases.  

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