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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 02, 2016 — DevOps Expert

XL Release 5.0: New Dashboard Brings Transparency to Release Process


Imagine having many teams working on different parts of a single piece of software. How do you align the teams? How do you align the processes? How do you see what’s going on across the board?

 Oh wait. Unless you have an unusually simple release process, you probably don’t have to imagine. You live this nightmare every day. Thankfully, our latest version of XL Release will help you sort it out. We've just rolled out two powerful new feature groups in XL Release 5.0 that give a bird’s-eye view into release highlights and also make it easier to manage groups of complex releases and pipelines.  

Customizable Release Dashboard

First let’s talk about the “pretty” feature. XL Release 5.0 introduces easy-to-use dashboards that show at-a-glance what’s in each release. The custom-configurable dashboards let your team display the status indicators and metrics that are most useful for you, such as overall release progress, compliance information, features delivered, issues found, and open tickets resolved. Dashboards can also aggregate data from other tools that feed into the software delivery pipeline, such as JIRA, Jenkins, ServiceNow, and of course, XL Deploy. So everything is together in one place for easy viewing and decision-making.  dashboard_release_in_progress_delayed_third_party_tiles  These spiffy new dashboards provide more transparency than ever before to everyone who has a stake in the release, whether you’re the CIO, the Risk Management team, the Release Manager, or the DevOps team. Now you can better answer important questions about your release:
  • When can we deliver?
    • When will my new functionalities be ready for production?
    • Are there any impediments that could potentially compromise my delivery date?
  • Are we efficient? How can we be more efficient?
  • What are the results of my release?
    • Business value?
    • Bugs?
    • Incidents?
  • Am I in control (compliant)?
And to help our enterprise customers further improve release management, we also bring you a new Table view that lets you better organize and view complex, interdependent releases. Table view adds on to our existing Planner view to provide details in a spreadsheet-like format, show the sub-releases of a master release, and allow search for specific information. If you have big interrelated releases, you’ll find them much easier to manage.table_view_release_in_progress_no_filter_03With XL Release 5.0’s new dashboards, you can…
  • Get unprecedented visibility into the pipeline: see all the information you need in order to manage the release process in one place, even across third party tools. Get an end-to-end view of the most important metrics you need to track.
  • View and control the entire pipeline from XL Release: now XL Release can display and update details in other tools (such as marking tickets complete in JIRA), so it becomes the an even more powerful control hub for your pipeline
  • Improve compliance: with all release information in one place, compliance officers can keep a continuous eye on the details they need, and it’s easier to track down additional information when required
  • Automate even more of the process, so you can move faster with fewer errors: integration with third party tools now automates even more of your steps
  • Provide a clear view to all team members and help them make better decisions based on the latest data: even non-technical team members can easily access the detailed information they need, using a user-friendly, graphical dashboard that highlights the most important metrics
 go_to_release_dashboard  With this deeper, clearer insight into the entire release process, you can better manage your pipelines through the software development lifecycle across tools from beginning to end.

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Don't miss Part 2 of this blog, which will tell you about Killer Feature Group #2, Advanced Release Orchestration.

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