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ContinuumDevOps performance management

Integrate disparate tools to visualize the progression of backlog and portfolio items through each stage of the delivery pipeline. Use Continuum to improve value stream efficiency, mitigate risk, ensure quality, and accelerate software delivery. 


Continuum Deliver Software Faster

Deliver softwarefaster

Continuum enables enterprises to deliver software faster and more reliably by providing workflow orchestration that automates the way teams build, test, and deploy. It connects fragmented DevOps tools, processes, and data into a centralized platform to provide the visibility and traceability needed to improve delivery velocity, eliminate bottlenecks, ensure compliance, and lower deployment costs. When integrated with VersionOne, teams can visualize the flow of business value (Epics, Features, Stories) through each stage of the DevOps value stream.

Continuous deliverywith confidence

  • Performance management

    Measure and improve end-to-end continuous delivery (or DevOps workflows and activities).

  • Value stream orchestration

    Orchestrate complex, concurrent delivery pipelines, and value streams across any build, test, and production environment.

  • Release automation

    Standardize and automate deployments and DevOps tasks across any environment via an extensible agentless architecture.

  • Workflow automation

    Coordinate both automated and manual release activities, workflows, and approvals across multiple teams and environments.

  • Compliance and audit

    Ensure traceability and compliance across workflows, applications, and environments.

  • Analytics

    Evaluate the quality, consistency, and risk associated with software deployments.  


Continuum Analytics Flow Metrics

Flow metrics

Improve your time-to-market by uncovering areas of improvement with flow metrics such as time-in-phase, touch time, wait time, and overall value stream efficiency.

Continuum Analytics Risk Metrics

Risk metrics

Catch critical issues that could impact quality prior to releasing code into production with clear insight into commit distribution, rogue commits, and risk and code complexity.

Continuum Analytics Delivery at a Glance (DaaG) Dashboard

Delivery at a glance dashboard

Streamline the flow of value with deep visibility into the distribution, status, and progression of individual backlog and portfolio items through each stage of the delivery pipeline.

Continuum Connect to Existing Tools: Jenkins, Selenium, Amazon, git, Web Services, JIRA, CHEF, Docker, Subversion

Connectto existing tools

Continuum provides a flexible platform that integrates with the planning, code, build, test, deploy/release, and IaaS platforms you already use.

Harness Delivery Datato Improve Value Flow


Continuum+VersionOne provides valuable insights into delivery data within the context of your Agile planning. It helps you understand how changes and movements in your delivery pipeline are impacting Epics, Features, and Stories. Continuum analytics help you resolve bottlenecks, eliminate waste, and streamline the flow of value to customers. The Delivery at a Glance dashboard gives you visibility into the delivery status of backlog and portfolio items so you always know the content and business impact of each release. 

Continuum+XL Release

Continnuum+XL Release enables enterprises to orchestrate more complex release processes while observing where value is in the delivery pipeline. By pulling details of an orchestrated release into Continuum’s package progression, risk and flow metrics become more accurate and comprehensive. Teams using Continuum’s feature progression can easily identify when to trigger a release in XL Release. Continuum and XL Release together provide a better picture from code commit through release. 

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