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Intelligent threat detection and response capabilities are critical to stay ahead of an evolving threat landscape.


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App protection is critical

Application vulnerabilities are at a peak and the need for cybersecurity has never been greater. Web and mobile applications are leading the new internet economy, driving online technologies in finance, eCommerce, healthcare, gaming, entertainment, and automotive. Customer demands are driving businesses to release apps faster than ever before. Consequently, app security testing is regularly pushed aside — resulting in app vulnerabilities. Securing these business-critical apps and underlying data against exploits is key to preventing:

  • Brand damage
  • Financial loss
  • IP theft
  • Government penalties
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Detect/alert icon (radar); Proactive App Security with App Aware

Proactive app security with App Aware

The key to leveling the playing field with bad actors is knowing how, when, and where they are attacking apps. Coding best practices and traditional software protections cannot provide adequate protection against determined bad actors. Traditional app protection solution owners are blind to the threats apps face once they are published, essentially creating an “open-loop” environment. Inadequate protection and the inability to alert the business of attacks in progress creates a window of opportunity for bad actors to exploit. Currently, the only way businesses can respond to attacks is after the fact — after the damage has been done. App Aware Deliver Critical Intelligence, map of the world

Deliver critical intelligence App Aware is an integrated monitoring service that provides visibility into the security posture of protected applications. App Aware can be deployed with all mobile, web, and software app protection solutions — with a zero-configuration initial setup that does not disrupt continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) lifecycles or DevSecOps environments. App Aware improves value stream management processes and delivers timely intelligence from the moment an app is downloaded to help organizations quickly understand the difference within an app: App Aware Timely and Actionable Information clock icon

Timely and actionable information

Visibility into app security to help pinpoint compromised devices, normalize app performance, and understand the methods of attack. App Aware Confidence through Verification checkmark icon

Confidence through verification

Operational reporting from the moment apps are published to provide an understanding of the threat environment they are operating in. App Aware Secure Reporting shield and report icon

Secure reporting

Protection data is secured end-to-end, accessible via a browser, and can be easily integrated with SIEM and BI platforms. App Aware Rapid Time to Protection shield and clock icon

Rapid time-to-protection

Delivered along with a zero-configuration app protection integration. Utilize bad actor data to disable app functionality and lock account access. App Aware Global Intelligence globe icon

Global intelligence

Over time the anonymized app intelligence data collected from billions of protected apps will provide a unique understanding of attack trends.

Case Study infographic App Aware App Aware case study

Learn how real-time threat analytics helped thwart a serial app attacker and shut down continuous reverse engineering attacks.

The enterprise app security solution

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Multi-layered application protection

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Visibility and intelligence

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