Play Video Release is the market-leading release management and orchestration solution that enables teams across an organization — from development to production — to collaborate for software delivery success. Designed to help you manage the increasing complexity of your software delivery processes by easily integrating with your existing DevOps tools and then modeling your end-to-end processes. It helps you accelerate delivery and reduce risk using automation that maps and standardizes your release processes. And with a complete view of everything that is happening end to end, you can pinpoint and address inefficiencies to drive real, impactful transformation.

Manage complexity

Manage complexity

  • Model and visualize any release process into a single view for improved management, tracking, and optimization

  • Seamlessly integrate with all of your existing DevOps tools and systems — no need to rip and replace 

  • Capture and consolidate all of the data related to your release process so everyone is working from the same information, improving collaboration

Accelerate delivery while reducing risk

Accelerate delivery while reducing risk

  • Promote compliance and consistency across the organization, using release templates to model and orchestrate diverse processes and share best practices, without the need for scripting

  • Track all of your releases — fully automated to mostly manual — to improve stability and accelerate delivery

  • Automatically assess failure and quality risk of releases, so you can quickly identify and remediate risks before they get into production

Increase visibility to drive transformation

  • Fully customizable dashboards provide a single pane of glass for data from all of your DevOps tools, improving visibility across your applications and environments

  • Comprehensive reports and data analytics provide the insights teams need to pinpoint inefficiencies and make data-driven decisions that have the most impact

  • Single-click release audit reports help you quickly prove end-to-end compliance, making IT audits faster, more accurate and less painful


Enterprise-size problems require enterprise-grade solutions

Automate manual processes and share best practices, increasing the reliability and efficiency of software deliveries. With the Platform, gain visibility and connectivity end to end, building upon existing technology investments without the need to rip & replace.

Highlighting customer outcomes

Capturing our release procedures in templates means developers can onboard themselves to our standard way of doing things. Release is so intuitive and easy to use that they know it’s their one-stop shop for almost everything that they need.
Amanda Heintz
Release Manager at Schneider
…we gained the visibility to show IT management and the business teams the full process and workload involved in releasing applications and updates. This awareness of the process makes communicating and collaborating between the business, operations, and IT teams seamless.
David Engberts
Agile Coach at SVB
Most importantly, the team has improved their release quality, and the number of post-release production problems has dropped substantially.
Ton Kueter
Manager, IT Development for Stater Release key features

How Release helps you

Icon of three streams merging into one; Release complex pipeline orchestration

Complex pipeline orchestration
Manual and automated task orchestration gives you complete control over your entire software release process.

Icon of four connected browsers; Release standardized templates

Standardized templates
Control high-level delivery flows and enforce required process steps while allowing teams to automate tasks using the DevOps tools they know and love.

Icon of infinity symbol; Release, release automation

Release automation
Automate manual tasks to help accelerate your delivery process and reduce risks.

Integraions icon of two intertwined boxes; Release out-of-the-box integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations
Easily integrates with the existing tools in your environment like Jenkins, Puppet, Git, Jira, ServiceNow and hundreds more.

Network sitemap of parent and two child pages; Release dependency management

Dependency management
Manage dependencies within and across multiple release pipelines, increasing reliability and stability of complex software delivery processes.

Hub and spoke icon; Release single pane of glass

Single pane of glass
Improve collaboration with a single source of release status “truth” for everyone involved in making the release a success.

Dashboard icon of computer screen with bar chart; Release customizable dashboards

Customizable dashboards
Detailed data about your release processes helps pinpoint pipeline bottlenecks, uncover opportunities for automation, and make decisions that will reduce time to market.

Clipboard with list and checkmark; Release audit and compliance

Audit & compliance
Automated audit reports provide a full audit trail and gather evidence for compliance, saving DevOps teams time they would otherwise spend collecting and compiling data for IT auditors.


Release and Deploy - Team Performance View

Release & Deploy Analytics Lens

Gather data from the across your end-to-end release process, including orchestration, deployment automation, and integrated tools. Analyze key metrics across your end-to-end release process to improve the efficiency, performance, and reliability of your software deployments to production.

  • Drive alignment: Use out-of-the-box metrics to align release process investments to your business goals, ensuring that business and technical teams are moving in the same direction

  • Increase visibility: Gather data from your end-to-end release process, including integrated tools, providing customizable views that quickly deliver the insights the organization needs

  • Improve efficiency: Support for hundreds of proven release and reliability measurements, including all DORA metrics, making it easy to identify areas that need improvement

100s of integrations

No matter what tools you are using, we can integrate with and orchestrate them all.


Integrations Release resources Learn more about automating and scaling deployments in your organization

Announcing the latest releases of Agile and DevOps solutions

Announcing the latest releases of Agile and DevOps solutions

Improve speed, efficiency, and visibility from software planning to production


Paving the way for better mobile and web application testing orchestration

Keeping applications up to date and ensuring they work is a daunting task. Ensuring you can continuously test and release application updates is a must-have to meet customer expectations.

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Agile or DevOps on its own is not enough

As every company becomes a software company, it becomes increasingly important to meet customer demands faster and better than the competition.

Agile +DevOps, Better together graphic

Together, Agility, Release, and Deploy power end-to-end agile and DevOps at enterprise scale. Plan, automate and orchestrate software releases across your teams and portfolio, so you can release your apps to any platform quickly and safely, and gain a single source of truth for compliance, security, and improved collaboration.

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