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Last Updated Sep 18, 2014 — App Management expert

Taking Enterprise Apps from Development to Deployment

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In 2014 enterprise apps went from being a nice-to-have feature to a necessary tool in the enterprise IT arsenal. For all the benefits enterprise mobility solutions bring to the table, a survey revealed that many IT decision makers still cite development costs and mobile app security concerns as major hindrances to fully supporting enterprise mobility. However, with the right tools, fostering a enterprise apps from development to deployment does not have to be a cumbersome process. Quite the contrary, the right set of enterprise mobility management capabilities can actually aid in the streamlining of IT processes while increasing productivity at the same time.

Develop, Protect, Test

There are a wide range of powerful development tools on the market today that make developing custom enterprise apps easier than ever. From drag-and-drop interfaces to database connection wizards, these tools have lowered barrier of entry into the world of enterprise mobility, allowing companies to development line-of-business applications that offer a direct positive impact on productivity and the bottom line. Add to that the easy implementation of security features through app wrapping, and concerns over IT complexity, cost, and security all but fall by the wayside. Regardless of whether you’re developing B2E or B2C applications, mobile app testing remains a critical component in the lifecycle of the app. Not only can testing catch functional defects and security faults before they’re released to production, but this key step also provides valuable insight into the usability and effectiveness of a newly developed application. Enterprises can test apps within their own development team, or release the app to a small group of would-be end users. Taking action based on their feedback, enterprises can nip potential defects in the bud, fine tune functionality, and produce higher quality apps in a shorter amount of time.

Bridging the Dev to Deployment Gap with One-Click Publishing

One of the great features available to enterprises is one-click publishing, which essentially closes the once daunting gap between development and app deployment. The process is just as easy as it sounds. With a compatible API program, it’s now possible to publish, inspect, secure, and sign new apps or new app versions to an enterprise app store at the click of a mouse. This solution significantly streamlines the publishing process, and is also completely scalable.

Act on Analytics for Continuous Improvement

Of course, the lifecycle of an app doesn't end at deployment. Maintenance, updates, and continuous improvement keep apps relevant in an ever-evolving business climate. This is where companies can really reap the benefits of having an enterprise app store. In addition to providing a familiar and friendly user experience to employees and driving mobile app adoption, enterprise app stores can also act as a platform to gather vital information and analytics. By tracking download and usage statistics, reviewing user ratings and suggestions, you can refine applications to drive more collaboration, more downloads, increased productivity. Through app development tools, targeted testing, app wrapping, one-click publishing, and analytics gathering, the entire enterprise application lifecycle is streamlined into a cohesive set of processes. Cutting cost, complexity, and time, a tightly run development to deployment operation is the key to taking your enterprise mobility initiative to the next level.

Learn More

Watch this webinar to learn how to optimize mobile app performance testing  to increase mobile app quality and ratings. Take away best practices for managing mobile app testing for hundreds or thousands of users, achieving "faster time to market" by iterating development cycles more quickly, and improving overall app quality through continuous innovation and user feedback.

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