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Enterprise App Stores Drive Employee Productivity

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Enterprise App Stores Drive Employee Productivity


The benefits of a enterprise app stores extend beyond supporting a more unified enterprise mobility strategy. Supplying BYOD employees with a single access point to download and retrieve enterprise apps also contributes to increased employee productivity by driving higher mobile app adoption rates, providing instant access to valuable resources, and streamlining business processes.

Familiarity Leads to Higher Mobile App Adoption Rates

Take a look at an enterprise app store and you’ll immediately notice its resemblance to popular public app stores such as Google Play or the iTunes App Store. This is no coincidence. BYOD employees embrace enterprise app stores because they offer a familiar trustworthy format. As a result, no additional training or technical knowledge is required to download and access applications. Lower entry barriers combined with high visibility opens up the opportunity for more employees than ever before to benefit from enterprise apps.

Instant Access Cuts Complexity

Just as popular commercial apps allow users to optimize their life at home, enterprise apps optimize work tasks by providing employees with instantaneous access to the information they need to perform their jobs better. Whether sitting in an airport lounge or engaged in a meeting with a client, employees can easily access up-to-the-minute data on their mobile device through enterprise apps that are managed and updated through a centralized enterprise app store.

Streamlined Processes Impress Employees and Customers Alike

Few IT initiatives are able to have such a large positive effect on the bottom line as enterprise mobility. In the hands of tech-savvy team members, enterprise apps facilitate increased sales productivity. Apps to support pre- and post- sales activities come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From instant messaging and content management, to promotional and presentation tools, enterprise mobile apps simplify the sales process for employees and customers alike. Employees use enterprise applications to take collaboration to the next level as well as to offer a more engaged experience to potential clients. The ability to access current promotional and pricing information from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or data connection empowers sales team members to make deals and decisions on the spot. For many mobile-enabled companies, initiating, negotiating, and completing sales orders can all be done on a tablet.

Learn More

Watch this webinar with Maribel Lopez, Founder and Principal Analyst, Lopez Research, Abhijeet Solanki, Sr. Architect, NetApp, and Stephen Skidmore, Director of Product Marketing, Apperian. The panel discusses different app store approaches, provides practical tips for implementing an enterprise app store, and discusses a case study from a Fortune 1000 company. Watch it here.

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