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Last Updated Aug 18, 2014 — App Management expert

How to Keep Your BYOD Program from Stalling

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How to Keep Your BYOD Program from StallingSo your company has established a BYOD program -- now what? How do you keep the momentum going and keep employees engaged to download enterprise apps and boost their personal and organizational productivity? Clearly and regularly communicating the personal and organizational benefits of BYOD programs to employees across the enterprise is essential. One way to support such messaging is by amassing an army of BYOD advocates. BYOD backers can include rank-and-file employees, managers, and senior executives who can share the merits of using enterprise mobile apps both in their personal roles and within their work groups. These insights can be shared in company newsletters, town hall meetings, lunch sessions, and other forums. Keep the enterprise app store front and center. As the gateway to the organization’s mobile apps, the enterprise app store is where employees can discover and download apps that can help them do their jobs more effectively. Still, it’s important to remind employees about the presence of the company’s enterprise app store and new apps that are being introduced. Another way to strengthen mobile app adoption is by promoting milestones through organizational emails and e-newsletters (e.g. Keith Smith is the 100th employee to download this mobile sales force automation app). For BYOD programs that have been around for a while but have hit a lull, there are a few ways to kick start these efforts and breathe new life into them. One way is by examining current BYOD policies. If BYOD policies are deemed as too restrictive by employees, they’ll be more reluctant to download and use enterprise mobile apps. This can be determined by examining trends for app adoption rates and by canvassing employees on their feelings regarding your corporate BYOD program. Keeping the dialogue open with employees is also vital to the continued success of BYOD programs. This includes having regular discussions between IT and employee groups to identify other potential productivity-enhancing apps that employees would like to be made available in the company’s enterprise app store. To learn more about mobile security with BYOD your employees love, watch this on-demand webinar.

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