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The Future of Mobile Panel at Couchbase 2013

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Cimarron Buser joined Rich Morrow of GigaOm to discuss mobile insights, trends, and where the industry is heading. Panelists were other mobile leaders from Jonathan Rende from Appcelerator, Lorin Beer from PhoneGap, Jeff Hartley from Sencha, and Nat Friedman from Xamarin. A few quotes from Cimarron:
  • 800 million "smartphones" vs five & 1/2 BILLION nont-smart or "dumb" phones. -- Cimarron Buser. 4:04
  • People in China, India, and much of the developing world, have these devices, but no Internet connectivity. -- CB 4:40
  • Sales enablement is one of the leading applications for mobile because these folks are on the road all the time. Alot of companies just say "let's take what we've got on the PC and just put it on a mobile device" -- that does not work. To make mobile apps work, be effective and to get adoption, you have to boil down the essentials -- make the experience crisp and easy for folks. -- CB 11:30
  • We all get jazzed up thinking about Google Glass & some of the biometric sensor stuff, but I don't know if I'm convinced yet. -- CB 15:18
  • It's hard to know in advance which one of these devices is going to ignite the space. For example, eBooks really didn't work until the Kindle came out. -- CB 15:50
  • We all kind of idealize what an app is, and even though there are a million apps on the app store, how many of those do I really care about? It's going to be a really small percentage. Having somebody go through all that & figure out what's relevant is always a good idea. The question is who is that going to be? -- CB 23:00
  • We focus on the enterprise which means big companies with all these folks at work who we want to make more effective and efficient and empower them to do their job better and hopefully make their lives better. I will go out & pick some apps that do that -- maybe ones we've written -- and using a tool like Apperian, create our own store. Individuals will also go out to external app stores & download what they want as well, and that's where we get the collision of BYOD. How do you deal with the fact that we've got personal & corporate data in a mixed environment. -- CB 23:15
  • If someone hands you an iPhone and says "this is only for your job" -- that does not work. People are going to take personal pictures with it, they're gonna send emails, chat. The reality is that these are multi-purpose devices & balancing that is going to be one of the big challenges over the next couple of years. -- CB 24:30
  • You have to build systems that manage the fact that that these devices are so integral to our personal and business lives. -- CB 24:40
  • IT people who want to control every aspect of your online experience by, for example saying "we're going to blacklist Facebook or Angry Birds or Dropbox" -- we know that doesn't work. Even salespeople (rib) are smart enough to figure work arounds. You simply cannot enforce a lot of these rules. You have to make it a good enough experience, make your employees want to come to you & say give me some great apps & a good experience. -- CB 26:10
  • We're just now getting to the point where companies are realizing they have to empower their employees -- this is very different than where we were even just a couple of years ago, but it's still not a solved problem with all the different devices and OSes and form factors. -- CB 26:40
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