Platform: Value by design across the end-to-end software lifecycle

DevOps & value stream management

Check out this eBook, featuring insights from Gene Kim, on how DevOps data and value stream management can help your organization deliver greater value to your customers and achieve amazing business outcomes.

The Platform, a next-generation intelligent value stream solution that enables enterprises to:

Accelerate value

Reveal new insights

Propel innovation

Continuously improve

Preserve existing investments

Increase efficiency

Connect tools and processes

Reduce and manage complexity

Increase velocity

Automate, standardize, and scale

Reduce risk

Gain predictive insights

Automate quality and security

Improve reliability and traceability

Prove compliance Platform Combining agile planning + software delivery + end-to-end intelligence to enable large, complex enterprises to win in today’s digital markets.

Panoramic View
Plan & Create Lens
Release & Deploy Lens
Release & Deploy Lens
Integrate & Test Lens
Continuous Testing
Operate & Monitor Lens
Business Data Sources
Shared Services
Platform Services

The Platform intelligently automates and optimizes the software development and delivery lifecycle across three layers:

AI-powered analytics solutions provide visibility and enable data-driven decisions that improve the reliability and efficiency of software and service delivery.

Predict and prevent

Find and fix issues across the value stream with AI/ML models that sift through all relevant data.

Align goals, execution, and outcomes

Break down silos to ensure teams deliver maximum impact​​ and optimized ROI.

Intelligently automate governance

Increase governance efficiency and effectiveness using purpose-built AI/ML models that enable confident decisions.

Integrated enterprise agile planning, DevOps, application protection, and testing solutions for frictionless software delivery.

Unify software delivery

Connect and simplify complex processes with flexibility to integrate solutions and technologies your business needs, from mainframe to Kubernetes, on premises to public cloud.

Increase process efficiency and reliability

Delivering better software faster by automating manual release processes, enforcing governance and best practices, and increasing reliability and resilience.

Use insights to drive improvement

Gain visibility and insights using data from across the software lifecycle to identify bottlenecks, apply pre-built metrics, and enable a process of continuous improvement.

Unified platform services create seamless experiences, bringing greater visibility and integration end to end.

Provide a single source of truth

Gather data from across the software lifecycle to create a Unified System of Record, providing all of the needed data for key insights.

Unify solutions

Pre-built, intelligent integrations for hundreds of solutions connect the entire platform and provide visibility and automation.

Accelerate productivity

Platform services make solutions easy to deploy and manage, including common user and license management.

Unprecedented AI/ML-driven insights across the entire software lifecycle

We seamlessly infuse intelligence across the software lifecycle with a panoramic view to help you gain better insights end to end.

“Digital Transformation is a key driver of Schneider’s strategy and ability to remain competitive. Transformation is occurring in all areas across the enterprise, and tech has moved into a very strategic position to drive transformation through automation. Orchestrating our release process has made a huge impact on the work we do, and the Enterprise Value Stream Platform solutions have played a key role in unlocking accelerated software delivery as part of our DevOps transformation,”

— Shaleen Devgun CIO at Schneider National




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