Intelligence AI-powered analytics

Actionable insights from across development and IT operations that accelerate innovation, drive efficiency, and reduce risks.


Download this guide to learn how to improve the effectiveness of change and release management with AI-powered analytics.

AI-powered analytics solutions Intelligence solutions provide the augmented intelligence you need to drive the success of your strategic objectives by accelerating delivery, operational automation, and higher reliability. These prescriptive AI-powered analytics solutions are platform driven, pre-built, and able to be up and running within weeks.

flow-acceleration-screenshot Flow Acceleration

Accelerate innovation by identifying and removing bottlenecks across the software development value stream.

quality-improvement-screenshot Quality Improvement

Drive consistent quality improvement practices across the organization by measuring success factors in the best performing value streams.

change-risk-prediction-screenshot Change Risk Prediction

Predict and prevent failed changes, identify and eliminate systemic change risks, increase change velocity.

service-management-process-optimization-screenshot Service Management Process Optimization

Evolve from reactive to proactive major incident management while reducing incident and service delivery costs.


Analytics Lenses

Make smart decisions leveraging purpose-built analytics applications that are tightly coupled with Orchestration solutions. Instantly answer questions about what is happening, formulate hypotheses about why it is happening, and investigate. Gain a single source of truth both from within and across domain areas spanning the entire software lifecycle.


Panoramic view Analytics Lenses are designed to fit together to compose a panoramic view across the entire software lifecycle. Leaders can use this operational intelligence to proactively make data-driven decisions, set the right strategies, and measure progress.


Predict and mitigate risk of change failure, accelerate service delivery, and prevent service disruptions using AIOps techniques like machine learning and natural language processing. Enterprise Solutions circle

Enterprise-size problems require enterprise-grade solutions

To compete in the digital age, you need a platform purpose-built to drive the enterprise software lifecycle.

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