Flow Acceleration

Adopt agile and DevOps at scale with AI-powered analytics to reduce risk, increase throughput, and accelerate agility.

Help your developers accelerate their flow by:


Predicting what factors will lead to late software delivery


Identifying bottlenecks and dependencies across teams


Pinpointing the non-value-add activities that consume resources


Standardizing and streamlining release processes

Do you know which factors are causing long lead times?

Take a prescriptive and predictive approach in reducing lead times and to improve your business goals. Proactively identify and eliminate bottlenecks and non-value-added work to improve productivity and reduce costs. Gain visibility across your software development lifecycle with prescriptive insights and metrics to continuously improve and measure your value streams.

Improve and reduce lead times

Identify and mitigate risk factors contributing to schedule risk on upcoming releases. Increase throughput and predictability to reduce cycle times and prevent business impact due to unplanned delays.

Detect and eliminate bottlenecks

Increase agility by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, like dependency hotspots, CI/CD pipelines, and over assigned resources. Identify actionable opportunities for automation, improvement, and continuous.

Improve predictability

Accelerate innovation by gaining visibility into key agile and DevOps metrics and predicted timelines across the software development life cycle. Prevent delays, reduce wait-time, and improve predictability with targeted action and learning.

Benefits of Flow Acceleration


Increase throughput

•    Reduce lead times
•    Increased business value


Accelerate agility

•    Reduce non-value-added work
•    Improved team productivity


Reduce risk

•    Detect at-risk dates early
•    Improve release predictability


Enterprise-size problems require enterprise-grade solutions

AI-powered analytics improve the flow of software driven value delivery by predicting lead time, detecting and eliminating bottlenecks, and reducing non-value-added work.  The Platform brings together software lifecycle orchestration targeted AI and software lifecycle orchestration solutions that improve software delivery efficiency, reliability, and business impact.


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