Software deployment encompasses all of the actions an organization must take to make an application available for use within an environment. Deployment tasks include work such as provisioning infrastructure, installing an operating system, installing and configuring critical components such as middleware, databases, load balancers, and container management tools, and ultimately, installing, configuring, and starting the application that the end users will use.

Organizations seeking to deliver applications to customers faster and more frequently often start by automating the deployment process and its individual tasks. Teams may automate application deployments using a purpose-built deployment tool, or integrate multiple point tools and even handwritten scripts into an automated toolchain or pipeline. Automated deployment facilitates a process that executes without human intervention.

Deployment Automation speeds up the deployment process, making it easier to deploy code changes more often — even multiple times per day. Automated deployment eliminates opportunities for human error in the deployment process, reducing the chance of failed changes, application rollbacks, and resulting downtime.

Critical considerations for deployment automation

When DevOps teams begin experimenting with automated deployment, it’s natural for them to start by automating individual application deployments by scripting the actions they determine are needed to install and run an application in a specific environment. As more teams across the enterprise come on board and start automating the deployment of additional applications, they quickly learn that scripted deployment doesn’t scale.

A deployment script that works for one application and environment rarely works for others. Teams often end up writing their own customized scripts, leading to a disorganized mess and a lack of standards across the organization. As deployments grow in size and complexity, teams spend more time writing deployment scripts and less time developing value-adding features. Organizations need a scalable solution that eliminates the need for scripting so teams can focus on the business applications they’re deploying. deployment automation Deploy, formerly XebiaLabs XL Deploy, enables organizations to achieve fast, secure, and reliable deployments to all environments — from mainframes and middleware to containers and the cloud. Unlike other deployment tools,’s declarative deployments eliminate the need for teams to create and maintain complicated scripts, runbooks, or workflows for each application and environment. With Deploy, you can automate and standardize complex software deployments for faster, safer delivery of value to your customers.