Websphere Application Server

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a fast, flexible Java application server runtime environment. The WebSphere Application Server integration for the DevOps Products can:
  • Deploy and undeploy Java EE application artifacts (EAR, WAR, and EJB JAR)
  • Update global web server plug-in configurations
  • Create, update, and remove Java EE resources such as JMS resources, JDBC resources, J2C resources, asynchronous beans, schedulers, cache instances, mail providers and sessions, URLs, and resource environment resources
  • Create, update, and remove WebSphere Application Server configuration elements, such as shared libraries, virtual hosts, namespace bindings, core groups, service integration buses, WebSphere variables, health policies, and service policies
  • Configure application server components such as session management, application server settings, web container settings, EJB container settings, container services, message listener settings, Java and process management settings, custom properties and services, ports, PMI, and logging and tracing settings
  • Discover WebSphere Application Server topologies, including cells, nodes, clusters, server, and web servers
  • Discover all Java EE and WebSphere Application Server configuration resources
  • Control the state of cells, nodes, clusters, and servers
  • Create clusters and servers from templates
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