Product Service Descriptions

Enterprise Agile Planning Agility (formerly VersionOne​) Overview: Agility is an enterprise agile planning solution that enables large organizations to plan, track, and report work across multiple teams, locations, programs, and portfolios. Agility allows organizations to prioritize strategic product, process, and tool initiatives based upon the value they provide to the business and customers. It seamlessly supports many integrations, remote collaboration, and enterprise agile frameworks, including SAFe®, providing customers with the flexibility to meet the needs of their organization.

DevOps Release (formerly XebiaLabs XL Release) Overview: Release is a release orchestration solution that enables teams across an organization to model and monitor releases, automate tasks within IT infrastructure, and cut lead times by analyzing and improving release processes. It provides the backbone for DevOps release automation, integrates existing tools, and enables full visibility across the entire software delivery process. Deploy (formerly XebiaLabs XL Deploy) Overview: Deploy is a deployment automation solution that allows organizations to automate and standardize complex, enterprise-scale application deployment to any environment—from mainframes and middleware to containers and the cloud. Deploy enables self-service deployment for engineering teams while maintaining governance and control. Delivery (formerly Continuum) Overview: Delivery connects software planning, development, and delivery, enabling enterprises to understand the value in each step of the release process. Delivery adds context to the release pipeline and creates a link between software planning work items and software delivery activities. Delivery enables visibility across Agile planning and DevOps, providing key metrics and improving efficiency and time to market. By identifying high-risk releases, Delivery increases reliability reduces the possibility of a release failure. Experitest Overview: Experitest is a continuous testing platform with enterprise-grade security, scalability, and visibility. Available as a SaaS or on-premise solution, Experitest helps enterprises deliver satisfying, error-free digital user experiences across all devices and web browsers. It provides expansive test coverage across 2000+ real mobile devices and web browsers. Experitest seamlessly integrates with best-in-class tools throughout the DevOps/DevSecOps pipeline so developers can get test results faster and fix defects earlier in the process, allowing them to deliver secure high-quality applications at-speed and at-scale.

Application Security Application Protection (formerly Arxan) Overview: Application Protection detects and prevents threats at the application endpoint, safeguarding sensitive data, intellectual property, and access to backend systems. A comprehensive code-level solution, it prevents reverse engineering, tampering, API manipulation, key discovery and data exfiltration. With threat monitoring and alerts, organizations can optimize and adapt protection in real-time to prevent attacks that can lead to financial loss, brand damage or government penalties. App Aware (formerly Arxan) Overview: App Aware is an integrated monitoring service that provides visibility into the security posture of protected applications. App Aware closes-the-loop between releasing a protected app and delivering actionable threat intelligence to customers for rapid remediation response. App Aware is deployed with all mobile, web, and server application protection solutions. Key & Data Protection (formerly Arxan) Overview: Key & Data Protection is a full featured white-box cryptography solution used for encryption key protection and management. Key & Data Protection addresses the risk of attack on data in-transit and the endpoint where data is decrypted. Key & Data Protection complements existing encryption technologies and is designed to secure encryption keys stored within an app.

Application Lifecycle Management App Management (formerly Apperian) Overview: App Management mobile app management’s (MAM) unique approach makes it easy for companies to manage and distribute mobile apps for employees and non-employees from a branded mobile platform without having the overhead of managing end-user devices or the trouble of using public app stores. App Management ensures organizations have a system of record for all corporate sanctioned apps without onerous device management issues or the need to install agents on mobile devices. TeamForge Overview: TeamForge is an end-to-end enterprise application development, collaboration, and delivery platform that ensures governance, compliance, and code security standards are maintained, whether teams are using waterfall, agile, or hybrid software development methodologies. With TeamForge, organizations gain enterprise workflow flexibility, process traceability, team collaboration, and document management capabilities. TeamForge SCM provides native Git and Subversion version control support. With TeamForge, teams gain visibility into software development with a versatile and secure management platform for traditional and bi-modal development.

AI-Powered Analytics Numerify Overview:

Numerify AI-powered analytics solutions provide the augmented intelligence you need to drive efficiency and reduce risks. These prescriptive solutions are platform-driven, focused on customer success, and able to be up and running within weeks.

Service Management Process Optimization Service Management Process Optimization solution helps organizations go beyond in-app reporting and adopt proven analytics-driven best practices for improved incident, problem, and IT service request management. Break down silos across fragmented internal and external teams and make data-driven decisions on how to accelerate IT service delivery.

Change Risk Prediction Change Risk Prediction solution helps organizations identify risky changes and proactively take steps to manage and reduce risk or prepare immediate remediation. Investigate and uncover systemic causes of IT change failure that span people, processes, and technology. Use the built-in AI / Machine Learning models to manage and reduce change failure rates and associated incident Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR).

DevOps Performance Management DevOps Performance Management solution helps organizations drive consistency across teams. Gain the end-to-end value stream visibility needed to eliminate bottlenecks in tools, training, and processes. Improve code quality and lower application support costs.