Software Chain of Custody

Collect. Visualize. Report. Prove.

The Value Stream Platform is the only way to capture Software Chain of Custody evidence and prove the end-to-end compliance of your software delivery pipelines.

Finger pressing button with dimensional report behind it; Software Chain of Custody on-demand report

The world’s only on-demand audit report: push the button, get the report. You’re done.

Who did what, when, where, and how?

Software Chain of Custody provides evidence of everything that happens in your software delivery process. Just as logistics chain of custody documents a product's path through the supply chain to the consumer, Software Chain of Custody proves what happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who made it happen in your software delivery.

Without this information, it’s impossible to meet audit and compliance requirements as you develop and deliver software at scale.

Audit reporting: half-done, fully painful

Today, audit and compliance reporting is either half-done or not done at all because it’s mostly manual, it steals valuable resources away from development, and it slows the pace of software delivery.

No waste symbol (dimensional trash can w/null sign over it) as texture; Software Chain of Custody: Today you are wasting resources, time and money

Today you are:

Wasting resources – DevOps teams sacrifice thousands of hours a year to meet audit requirements and create reports, digging through log files and manually piecing together an incomplete picture of what happened across dozens of tools.

Wasting time – Teams can’t produce reports fast, so the audit, security, and finance groups don’t get the data they need, can’t prove compliance, and won’t approve releases.

Wasting money – Enterprises spend a ton of money and time creating audit reports. DevOps teams hate doing them. And the end results don’t meet the need.

That changes now. delivers the only end-to-end Software Chain of Custody platform gives you 100% visibility into your complete software delivery lifecycle, so you can know what happened with every person, every tool, and every process. We’re in the unique position of orchestrating the DevOps toolchain, making us the only platform that can collect, deliver, and analyze the data from it. We have integrations with hundreds of DevOps tools, so we can give you a unified view of your DevOps data gathered across the entire value stream.

Get real-time visibility and on-demand audit reports that let you know what happened to your code, from the time it was checked in to the time it was released to production…

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Know who approved each release and when

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Know whether all of your security and QA tests ran and what the results were

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Know that your business rules and internal processes have been followed

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Know whether you’re releasing software more often and with fewer errors’s comprehensive Software Chain of Custody capabilities are the foundation for fast, secure, compliant software delivery. And you’ll be able to prove it.

DevOps data for everyone

For release managers & application teams

Automate your entire data collection process and create on-demand, real-time reports with the push of a button. Meeting audit and compliance requirements has never been easier.

Bonus: Know where to focus your efforts for continuous improvement.

For compliance, security, and audit groups

Finally all the data you need to paint a complete picture of what happened in a release, readily available and in a convenient format.

Bonus: You have total control.

For CIOs

Full visibility across your entire software factory. Know where your money is going, see where the bottlenecks are, and guarantee compliance.

Bonus: Keep your job.

Highlighting customer outcomes

“If you’re looking to improve, accelerate, and streamline your end-to-end software delivery, and enforce compliance requirements in a repeatable, auditable process, you want”

Vito Iannuzzelli
Assistant VP of IT, NJM Insurance Group

Use unified data to build better software

  • Visualize and monitor the software chain of custody in real time or in retrospect

  • See exactly which version of each application is deployed to each environment and know which features are included, eliminating confusion for all stakeholders

  • Understand security and compliance risks early so teams can find and fix application vulnerabilities and IT governance violations during development

  • Predict release issues before they happen thanks to automatic trend analysis

  • Drill down into the history of any release and any task so you can understand and prove exactly what happened

  • Verify that security and compliance checks were run for each release, making IT audits faster and easier for everyone involved

  • Easily identify bottlenecks, slow processes, pain points, and areas that need improvement or increased automation

  • Analyze release and deployment information based on team, project, application, environment, target technology — whatever makes sense for your organization

Why you need on top of your DevOps toolchain

End-to-end icon (2 mappoints connected by road); End-to-end Release Orchestration

Only the Value Stream Platform offers end-to-end release orchestration that provides a complete picture of your software delivery pipeline, both as it runs and after the fact. We help you get the most value out of your DevOps tools.

Report icon (document with bar graph); access and unify your DevOps data

Traditional reporting tools can’t access and unify your DevOps data, so they can’t provide the necessary context for software development and delivery activities. 

Scalability icon (box with arrow to larger box); report scalable, secure, built for the enterprise. offers a single pane of glass to view, control, and report on the entire DevOps value stream. Scalable, secure, and built for the enterprise.


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Building a Software Chain of Custody

Learn how to create a Software Chain of Custody that automatically captures and contextualizes the critical data you need to prove the integrity of your software planning, development, and delivery processes, from end to end.

Icon for Video for Get Auditors off Your Back: Three Ways to Make Compliance Easy

Get Auditors off Your Back: Three Ways to Make Compliance Easy

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