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Gartner Predicts 2021: Value Streams Will Define the Future of DevOps

To deliver customer value faster, organizations need enhanced visibility, orchestration, integration and governance management across value streams.

A value stream management (VSM) approach provides DevOps teams and stakeholders with key insights and metrics to identify, measure and guide their actions. These insights help them to optimize the flow of product increments and value to the customer.

Gartner predicts that “by 2023, 70% of organizations will use value stream management to improve flow in the DevOps pipeline, leading to faster delivery of customer value.”

  • As per the report, key drivers of value stream management adoption include:

  • Interest in lean optimization of the value stream and application of value stream principles

  • Need for a consolidated source of end-to-end metrics

  • Demand for customized dashboards and views of product delivery for other stakeholders and Leadership

  • Desire to correlate financial data, customer satisfaction with product delivery metrics

  • Need for better oversight when using service providers or offshore resources for product Development

  • Increased governance, security and compliance requirements

Read the Gartner report, Predicts 2021: Value Streams Will Define the Future of DevOps where we believe you will learn how a value stream approach can help remove constraints to product delivery, streamline the delivery life cycle and drive customer value.

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