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Introducing the Platform

The Platform enables you to continuously and intelligently improve your entire development value stream, from ideation to customer delivery. The Platform provides end-to-end visibility and forward-looking insights that allow you to align the work of your software delivery teams with your strategic business needs and truly leverage technology and data to make improved business decisions and drive better outcomes.

The Platform features:

  • End-to-end DevOps lifecycle orchestration  – Standardize and automate the entire release process, from legacy mainframes to the latest in Kubernetes and on premises to the cloud. Leverage best-of-breed solutions across the software lifecycle as well as hundreds of pre-built integrations that preserve existing investments.

  • Unparalleled visibility into the DevOps value stream – Intelligence-infused Analytics Lenses deliver deep insights into data collected from and third-party solutions. Connecting lenses across domains unlocks a first-of-its-kind 360° Panoramic View that collects and transforms data into a single, integrated model.

  • AI/ML-powered predictive & prescriptive insights – Groundbreaking AI solutions including newly-improved Change Risk Prediction – now with bi-directional integration with Release – and Service Management Process Optimization, and introducing Flow Acceleration and Quality Improvement.

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