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Why agile is the building block of a successful digital transformation within government

Having secure and aligned processes in an agile organization is crucial to delivering value to key stakeholders. Without DevOps and Agile driven digital transformations, organizations lack holistic approaches to address systematic problems.

However, having a strong culture with delivering value at the forefront of the team’s goals helps agile organizations thrive, especially in highly regulated industries. But how do organizations learn to put value and culture first, and at what state of the agile transformation can organizations begin this shift? Do organizations need a mature agile transformation or can they take steps to build their culture before their agile transformation begins, as they begin to migrate away from waterfall?

Watch this webinar to learn the answers to these questions as well as:

  • Why commitment to agile accelerates positive culture

  • How highly regulated organizations in aerospace, defense, and government benefit from agile transformation

  • Steps your organization can take to start your agile and devops transformation the right way

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