In  today’s  volatile  environment,  your customers, partners, and  employees are  more dependent than ever  on your ability to deliver  reliable  digital  services. To rise to the challenge, Change and Release Management leaders must balance competing priorities for speed and reliability.

Unfortunately, traditional Change Management processes struggle to balance the need for increased change frequency and shorter lead times with the risk of IT service disruptions. At the same time, Release Management must ensure that the higher volume of deployed changes doesn’t cause unexpected issues. The result is that in the face of increased volatility, organizations often resort to a change freeze.

How can AI-powered  Change and Release Management improve the quality, availability, and performance of these mission-critical services? Watch this webinar with George Spalding, EVP at Pink Elephant, and Ben Sapp, Insights Architect, to learn about.

How Change and Release management processes fit together:

  • Bringing together DevOps and IT Service Management to fuel Change and Release Management success
  • Predicting risky changes and identify root causes both upstream and downstream of change with Machine Learning
  • Evolution of Change Advisory Boards from approvals and governance to eliminating systemic causes of change failure across people, processes, and technologies


Automate software releases with AI-powered Change and Release Governance featuring Pink Elephant

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