In 2020, we saw priorities change overnight as businesses needed to pivot from in person to, in many cases, an exclusively online presence. The key to transitioning to a successful digital business lies in the ability to remotely provide a great user experience to customers. Across the world companies needed to adjust to teams that used to work side by side, now being completely distributed. While this new business environment forced the adoption of new processes and technologies, the changes to culture were more significant and more difficult to address.

While this new normal may be still evolving, the past year has taught us several lessons that will help us navigate what’s to come.

Join President Derek Langone, CXO Thomas Randall, and special guest DevOps enthusiast, Gene Kim for a look back at the year in DevOps and conversation about what is to come in 2021.

During this live webinar, our panel of experts will discuss:

  • What did and didn’t happen in 2020
  • How COVID-19 has forever changed the way we work
  • Why delivering great digital customer experience is now a matter of survival
  • Why reliable and efficient DevOps is a must have with a distributed team
  • Where is DevOps heading and how to prepare for 2021

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