Adopting agile is a great first step in trying to enable faster software delivery, but agile on its own does not guarantee on time delivery. Just ask Schneider, one of the largest trucking and logistics companies in North America, who adopted agile development practices, but continued to face delays and bottlenecks in their software delivery processes.

Looking for help to improve their speed, they turned to Release Orchestration and Deployment Automation to standardize and automate application releases to all of their environments, both on-premises and in the cloud. This helped Schneider eliminate hand-offs between teams, automate common developer workflows and gain visibility into processes so they can easily measure performance and identify areas for improvement.

We are thrilled to have Amanda Heintz, Release Manager at Schneider, join us to tell her story about:

  • The path Schneider followed to find DevOps success
  • The potholes they found and patched along the way
  • Best practices for successful adoption across the whole organization
  • Where they are navigating to in 2021 and beyond

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