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Best practices for remote PI planning

COVID-19 has forced many companies to operate in a remote-only work environment for the first time. This abrupt change demands organizations to respond with agility and adaptability so they can ensure business continuity, sustain agile transformations, and maintain team engagement. However, very few companies feel prepared to handle large-scale remote work especially when it comes to agile development teams who rely heavily on face-to-face interactions for vital ceremonies such as program increment (PI) planning.

Executing a PI planning event with fully remote Agile teams can be daunting because it requires many considerations to ensure an engaged and productive session. Fortunately, there is excellent precedence as well as great tools and practices to facilitate successful remote PI ceremonies.

View this webinar to learn best practices and recommendations for Remote PI Planning success from expert practitioners. We will share our experiences from helping companies across industries strategize and execute PI Planning in today’s work-from-home era.


>Best Practices for Remote PI Planning

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