Are shared services holding your DevOps teams back? Unleash them by reducing Service Delivery Friction

April 1, 2021

You may have taken the first step to shift from a project to product mindset – forming product teams, coaching them on how to be agile, and setting up DevOps toolchains. However, to actually deliver these products cost-effectively they are often still dependent upon shared services. The reality many organizations face is that shared services are often not set up to support agile teams. The end result is that your agile and DevOps teams waste time waiting for relatively simple requests, like system access and environment provisioning, to be fulfilled.

How can you ensure that the savings from shared services aren’t coming at the cost of preventing your DevOps teams from reaching their true potential? 

AI-powered analytics can enable your services teams to help agile product teams attain their full potential. Watch this webinar with guest speaker Charles Betz, Forrester Principal Analyst, and Ben Sapp, Insights Architect, to learn about the following:

  • ITSM and Enterprise Service Management in a world with highly distributed agile teams
  • Using analytics to identify the top dependencies between agile product teams and shared services
  • Calculating a “Friction Index” to measure and identify which service requests are impeding team productivity
  • Accelerating speed to value by reducing service delivery friction through automation

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