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API Security Protecting the Building Blocks of Digital Transformation

December 11, 2020

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become the essential building blocks fueling financial services, digital transformation, open banking, and mobile commerce. Today, API traffic constitutes a dominant percentage of all internet traffic. Despite the crucial role played by APIs in our lives and the success of companies both large and small, awareness of the security risks to APIs remains very low among applications developers, security professionals, and digital transformation specialists.

In this webinar, Aite Group’s Senior Cybersecurity Analyst Joe Krull will present the findings from recent research on API security and provide a set of recommended security best practices for API creation. Paul Dant, VP of Product Management of Digital.ai will provide an overview of its application security solutions and insight into how their API offerings provide protection from unknown connections and BOTs, encryption end-to-end, and prevention from unauthorized access.

This webinar should be of interest to application developers, security professionals, and anyone involved in digital transformation initiatives.

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