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Protect all the code in your hybrid iOS and Android apps

June 3, 2020

Hybrid mobile applications make it possible for developers to build a single, core application that can be deployed to both Android and iOS devices, lowering costs, speeding time-to-market and freeing up development resources. But with the conveniences of hybrid development environments comes heightened security risk.

Because many hybrid apps are written in JavaScript, they are more susceptible to reverse engineering. Once a hybrid app is reverse engineered, it can expose a trove of sensitive data and lead to more complex attacks on servers and infrastructure. Fortunately, protecting hybrid mobile apps just got easier with Arxan for Hybrid.

The industry’s first solution to protect all the components used to create hybrid Android or iOS apps, Arxan for Hybrid includes:

  • Real-time threat alerts that tell you if an app is being analyzed or tampered with
  • Rapid integration into the DevSecOps process without disrupting development lifecycle
  • Static and runtime protections to defend against reverse engineering and tampering
  • Self-protection code guards that monitor and protect against attacks, eliminating single point of protection failure
  • Jailbreak/Root detection that alerts when apps are running in a compromised environment from the moment they are published

Download this solution brief to learn how Arxan for Hybrid can help you streamline protection for your hybrid mobile apps.

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