Introducing – Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with the Combined Power of CollabNet VersionOne, XebiaLabs, and Arxan

April 15, 2020 Team

Today, all three companies (CollabNet VersionOne, XebiaLabs, and Arxan) have announced their combination into a new powerhouse platform enterprise: This new technology company brings together leaders in business agility, software delivery, and application security into one integrated, intelligent value stream platform. With the world rapidly changing all around us, is on a mission to revolutionize how enterprises create, measure, deliver, secure, and continuously improve digital products that provide value, fuel revenue growth, and enable innovation while securing critical business assets.

Global 5000 enterprises can now realize the benefits of their digital transformation initiatives and deliver secure digital products that increase customer satisfaction and engagement, all with the powerful combination of CollabNet VersionOne, XebiaLabs, and Arxan. The new value stream platform seamlessly integrates all of the disparate tools and processes across the business, operational, delivery and security value streams, uses data and AI/ML to create connective tissue between them, and provides the real-time contextual insights required to drive and sustain successful digital transformation. By streamlining processes across teams and providing continuous feedback loops throughout the development lifecycle, organizations can focus on what matters most to drive efficiencies, reduce the total cost of development and ownership of a product or service, and create meaningful value for customers.

Read more about and each of its components in the official press release.

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