Drive More Business Value by Shifting Cost Optimization Left

October 21, 2020

Too often, cost optimization is only considered after software is already built and delivered—usually as a reaction to surprise cloud bills or a corporate mandate to improve weak product profit margins. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Development organizations have long known that considering security and quality best practices throughout the SDLC helps build better, more secure products, while minimizing disruptions. So why not also strategically shift costs left to drive better business outcomes?

In this webinar, Tim Buntel, Chief Product Officer at CloudZero and Andreas Prins, VP of Product Strategy at, will discuss how you can deliver high-margin software to the cloud, without compromising development velocity. They will cover:

  • How to define a blueprint for decentralizing development costs—and how building a cost-literate culture can help you move faster while minimizing disruptions
  • How considering cost at all stages from planning to production increases profitability and produces more innovative products
  • Where in your SDLC you should consider cost and how to incorporate it into your workflows
  • How fully automated access to cloud resources helps DevOps teams eliminate delays, save on costs, and reduce risk
  • Ways to reduce the total costs associated with cloud software development and delivery
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