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The Key to Amazing Business Outcomes is Data with Gene Kim

September 11, 2020

For years we’ve heard the DevOps community asking, “how do I get business leadership on board?” At the same time, we’ve heard business leaders asking, “how can we get insight into the software development process?” The answer – for both DevOps and business leaders – lies in integrating the development process and its underlying data – with strategic and operational processes. By bringing these processes together, business leaders have the insights they need to make informed decisions, DevOps teams are able to create better products, and everyone is focused on the same outcome: providing customer value.

Watch this webinar with DevOps Enthusiast Gene Kim and Digital.ai Chief Customer Experience Officer T.j. Randall for an in-depth discussion on how organizations can build an integration strategy that aligns data, teams, and processes to drive better business outcomes.

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