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How IT Can Deliver Services that Drive Employee Productivity

December 18, 2020

How effective are your IT Services at keeping internal customers happy?

World class IT services can enable employees to be productive, innovative, and adaptable. However, fragmentation of IT service delivery can make it difficult to measure customer satisfaction KPIs and align these with your initiatives and objectives. Additionally, valuable insights come from not just what your customers are telling you but from what they’re not telling you.

How can you adapt quickly to changing service needs through a digitized employee feedback loop? In this webinar, Numerify’s Patrick Gudat, Customer Success Manager, will speak about the experiences of companies like yours. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Why surveys rarely give you a true picture of Customer Satisfaction
  • Directly measure customer satisfaction through IT service adoption, consumption, and experience
  • Integrate unfilled customer needs and employee feedback into a continual service improvement loop
  • Enable service agents to provide proactive customer experience
  • Numerify customer use cases and case studies in customer experience analytics
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