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Drive Digital Innovation at Scale with Agile, DevOps and SAFe® 5.0

December 18, 2019

Digital velocity! The digital software-based economy is moving faster than ever. It will carry organizations along with it or sweep them away altogether if they can’t compete. That’s because barriers to disruptive innovation are lower than ever – today, companies can deliver new solutions at astonishing speed and your competitors know that. It is no longer the big eats the small, rather the fast now consume the slow.

Research shows how implementing DevOps practices and establishing efficient CI/CD pipelines with automation lets organizations deploy frequently and recover more effectively from downtime. However, companies are still not seeing the results they expect from their Digital Transformation initiatives. There’s a good reason for that.

Watch this webinar to hear Marc Rix, SAFe Fellow and DevOps Curriculum Product Manager from Scaled Agile, talk about how the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe 5.0 can enable organizations to connect software development and delivery efforts across the value stream with value stream mapping, to achieve a harmonious state of “Continuous Innovation” that delivers business outcomes.

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