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XL Releaseadvanced pipeline management

Automate, orchestrate, and gain visibility into your release pipelines at scale using XL Release, a release management tool that is designed for enterprises. Control and track releases, standardize processes and bake compliance and security into your software release pipelines.

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Achieve Continuous Delivery with XebiaLabs Release Orchestration
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Achieve continuous delivery

XL Release is a release orchestration tool specifically for continuous delivery. It enables teams across an organization to model and monitor releases, automate tasks within IT infrastructure, and cut release times by analyzing and improving release processes. It provides the backbone for DevOps release automation, integrates existing tools, and enables full visibility across the entire software delivery process.

Visibility and orchestrationfor complex releases

  • End-to-end release dashboards

    Monitor your entire release pipeline for real-time status across tools and systems, from code to production.

  • Complex pipeline orchestration

    Model diverse processes using reusable release templates that help you map and standardize your process.

  • Automate risk evaluation

    Assess each release’s failure risk. Prevent failures and alert everyone involved in the software delivery process.

  • Predictive analytics and KPIs

    Key Performance Indicators help identify bottlenecks and improve processes. Tune processes for efficiency. Take actions before failure occurs.

  • Analytics and reports

    Make data-driven decisions with data analytics. Security and compliance checks let you fix issues before danger. Capture historic data for audit and governance requirements.

Highlightingcustomer outcomes

I wanted to provide a single system of record of what happens from the minute we request a deployment until the minute it is completed—all in a repeatable way with visibility, control, and proper record keeping. With XebiaLabs, we have introduced a highly visible, zero-touch process that is fully traceable and auditable.
Vito Iannuzzelli
Assistant VP of IT, NJM Insurance Group

Softwarechain of custody

Software Chain of Custody On-Demand Audit Report

On-demand audit report

Push the button, get the report. Save time, resources, and money with a report of everything from when code is checked in until it is released to production.

Software Chain of Custody Evidence Across the Software Delivery

Evidence across the software delivery

Prove who did what, when, where, and how for everything that happens in your software delivery pipeline.

Software Chain of Custody Compliance and Governance

Compliance and governance

Verify that checks were run for each release, making IT audits faster and easier for everyone involved.

Software Chain of Custody Identify Process Bottlenecks

Identify process bottlenecks

Find slow processes, pain points, and areas that need improvement or increased automation.

Software Chain of Custody Identify Risks Early

Identify risks early

Find and fix application vulnerabilities and IT governance violations during development.

Software Chain of Custody Visualize and Monitor

Visualize and monitor

View the entire release in real-time or in retrospect. Drill down into any release or task for each team, project, application, environment, or technology.


Extend XL Release with an array of ready-to-use integrations with leading DevOps tools

XL Release resourcesLearn more about automating and scaling deployments in your organization

Solution Brief

Do DevOps and Continuous Delivery Right with XL Release

Track, plan, and execute your entire software delivery pipeline. XL Release is a release management tool specifically for continuous delivery. It enables teams across an organization to model and monitor releases, automate tasks, and analyze and improve release processes to cut release times.


Too Many Pipelines: The Real Complexity of Delivering Software

Delivery patterns help you align and synchronize complex release pipelines across multiple applications, projects, and teams to accelerate software delivery.


Building a Software Chain of Custody

Software Chain of Custody allows you to visualize, monitor, and provide everything that happens across your software delivery process. With the push of a button, generate a comprehensive audit report, eliminating the time and pain of compliance audits.


11 Black Holes of DevOps: How Not to Get Lost in Outer Space

A DevOps transformation isn't a quick trip, it is a journey to uncharted territory with unexpected surprises. As you scale DevOps to hundreds of applications and thousands of people, things will break that previously worked. Avoiding these black holes will keep your journey on course.

See XL Releasein action

Driving your DevOps solutionend to end

Together, XL Deploy and XL Release power end-to-end continuous delivery at enterprise scale. Orchestrate your DevOps tools without scripting, release your apps to any platform quickly and safely, and gain a single source of truth for compliance, security, and metrics reporting.

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