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Continuous delivery and release automation (CDRA) solutions provide enterprises with critical visibility into their software delivery lifecycle and they are a core component of every successful digital transformation initiative.

We are excited to announce that has recently been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Delivery and Release Automation, Q2 2020! In the report, the independent analyst firm evaluated 14 providers of CDRA across 26 criteria to help infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals select the right solution for their organization. received the highest possible scores in 19 Criteria, including product innovation, security analytics and reporting, user experience, deployment outcome and integrity, audit, and more.

CDRA is critical in helping enterprises orchestrate and automate their DevOps toolchains to support the increasing speed of innovation and meet digital transformation goals. According to Forrester, “the IT organization must support the rapid delivery of applications to meet accelerating business expectations. Automating the deployment of infrastructure and the movement of applications is a key enabler.” As complexity continues to grow within organizations, visibility into the software development lifecycle across teams, tools, and processes becomes key to the successful release of applications and to achieving real business value for the organization.

Our release orchestration and deployment automation solutions, formerly XebiaLabs XL Release and XL Deploy, are core components of our intelligent Value Stream Platform, unifying disparate tools and enabling the visibility and flow of data across the value chain. This visibility enables enterprises to leverage CDRA as a strategic initiative that provides the entire organization – business, IT, and compliance – measurement of efficiency and effectiveness against business goals, as well as all the data required to prove software chain of custody for security, governance, and auditing.

According to the report, our solution “has strong functionality in automated resource discovery and visual deployment definition and offers support for a full range of deployment styles.” The report also states that “’s solution is ideal for organizations with complex and challenging multicloud environments and a large legacy presence, especially if the organization is pursuing a best-of-breed approach for the continuous delivery toolchain.”

Our emphasis on interoperability with best-in-class tools enables organizations to leverage existing investments and allows DevOps teams to work with best of breed products such as their preferred continuous integration solution.

“Speed of delivery doesn’t matter if it is not helping the business holistically achieve its goals. To compete today, organizations must focus on driving successful outcomes and increasing business value,” said Ashok Reddy, CEO at “You simply can’t drive continuous improvement and measure value creation if you can’t see and understand what’s going on across cross-functional teams and at different levels within an organization. At its core, this is what provides – the visibility enterprises need to understand what is being done, by whom, why, and to what end – so they know if they are delivering meaningful value to their customers. With this knowledge, our solutions help ensure DevOps teams deliver results that contribute to digital transformation success.”

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