Delivery value stream insights

Formerly Continuum

Visualize portfolio work items as they progress through each stage of the delivery pipeline. Delivery provides visibility into the business value flowing from planning through release to production.

Connect software development with delivery Delivery connects software planning, development, and delivery, enabling enterprises to understand the value in each step of the release process. Delivery adds context to the release pipeline and creates a link between software planning work items and software delivery activities.

Track value from planning to production

  • Connectivity

    Gain a continuous view through a seamless connection between agile planning and DevOps software delivery. 

  • Visibility and context

    Track the status and location of development work items as they progress through the release process.

  • Insights

    Evaluate the quality, consistency, and risk introduced by work items into a software package.

  • Risk management

    Identify high-risk rogue commits, increasing reliability and reducing the possibility of a release failure. Delivery dashboards Delivery Analytics Flow Metrics

Flow metrics

Improve your time-to-market by uncovering areas of improvement in work item flow, with metrics such as work item time-in-phase, touch time, wait time, and overall value flow efficiency. Delivery Analytics Risk Metrics

Risk metrics

Catch critical issues that could impact quality before releasing code into production with clear insight into commit distribution, rogue commits, risk, and code complexity. Delivery Delivery Analytics Delivery at a Glance (DaaG) Dashboard

Delivery at a Glance dashboard

Understand the state of value with deep visibility into the status and progression of individual backlog and portfolio items as they flow through the delivery pipeline. Delivery Connect Tools graphic

Integrate existing tools Delivery is a flexible platform leveraging integrations with planning systems, CI/CD, version control, cloud technologies, and many other tools that you already use.

Leverage delivery data to improve value flow Agility (formerly VersionOne) Delivery in combination with Agility provides valuable software delivery insights within the context of your agile planning. Delivery enables enterprises to identify bottlenecks, eliminate waste, and streamline the flow of value to customers. The Delivery at a Glance dashboard provides visibility into the delivery status of backlog and portfolio items, so you always know the content and business impact of each delivery. Release (formerly XebiaLabs XL Release) Delivery in combination with Release enables enterprises to orchestrate more complex release processes while observing where value is in the delivery pipeline. Delivery provides the “why” of a release with its ability to track the flow of planning work items. Release provides the “how” through its workflow orchestration and end-to-end release pipeline. Together, Delivery and Release provide a compelling solution with the ability to both orchestrate and track the value in the release.

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