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This year, turns two! Continue reading for insight on’s journey and what plans we have for the future.

On April 15th, celebrated its two-year anniversary! The company was created by bringing together five proven technology leaders–CollabNet Version One, XebiaLabs, Arxan, Numerify, and Experitest–into one unified, AI-powered DevOps platform. has more than 50 years of experience providing critical business and technology solutions to over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies around the world.

At, we are proud to commemorate this major milestone, as it serves to be a marker of the company’s collaborative success. Here to provide some insight on the past two years is’s very own CEO Stephen Elop and General Manager, Intelligent DevOps, Derek Holt. Read on to learn more about what it took for to get to where we are today and what new things are on the horizon!

The “Why” of

CEO Stephen Elop was involved in the earliest planning stages of as an investor. Amidst the chaos of disparate toolchains and a pandemic, Elop said that even then he recognized a unique opportunity to help customers make better sense of how tools may fit together to operate more effectively and to understand the value they are deriving from their digital transformation investments. This opportunity was

In order to combat a long history of failed waterfall development efforts and fragmented processes, sought to provide a highly integrated platform that not only focuses on software delivery processes, but on delivering incremental value through better integration, better uniformity of data, the reasoning behind that data, and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With the idea of value stream management as our North Star, was born to drive customer success.

Rising to the challenge

Like many other industries, had to learn to deal with the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic had on businesses. was just forming when the pandemic began, which presented unquestionably huge challenges to the realization of our vision. But with all complications comes a solution, and even an unexpected benefit.

“[The pandemic] created very real challenges, there’s no doubt about that,” Elop remarks. “But it also forced us to establish a remote-first culture for that made it okay to have exceptionally talented teams from diverse locations and adopt a very distributed development model. I think that we will be forever advantaged from being able to do that.”

How far we’ve come

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two years since the creation of For the company, time has flown by, and we have been able to celebrate a series of milestones from both a platform and a product perspective. We have focused on bringing all our products into a unified platform with a focus on shared services. This includes a common user experience, flexible pricing models, integration of our own products and 3rd party products, and building the platform on a data lake that can provide fast analytics with predictive insights. We also spent significant resources over the last ~ 12 months to become FedRAMP authorized. Whether it be large enterprises or Government Agencies, has been able to enable them with the solutions and practices needed to accelerate their digital transformation.

“We continue to be extraordinarily proud of the progress we’ve made and the continued innovation across our product suite,” says Holt. “We continue to see progress moving up and to the right even at the individual product level.”

Beyond individual product wins, Elop remarks that one of the greatest victories thus far is how has been able to “paint a vision that is setting the pace for the industry.”

What does the future hold? is centered around an inspiring ambition to define the next decade of software delivery and digital transformation. As the software industry continues to shift drastically, Holt claims that the key to everything is to function at an enterprise scale, stating, “At, we wake up every day focused on how we can help the largest entities not only survive but thrive in this new digital world.”’s upcoming AI-powered DevOps platform Ascension Release is the first of many steps in making this goal a reality. This April 27th, 2022 launch represents by far our biggest launch to date and is not only important for, but also for the industry.

The Ascension launch includes amazing new capabilities like enabling non-coders the ability to create testing scripts with our autonomous testing and Mobile Studio test editor. We have also amped up our hybrid cloud support and analytics and AI capabilities across the platform, to name a few.

“The Ascension release is a really feature-rich and value-rich offering,” says Holt. “I think that there will be something in this release for everybody.”

In many ways, the Ascension launch marks a new era for This release spotlights our platform foundation, product integrations and our expanding DevOps ecosystem to integrate with other 3rd party tools to begin to truly deliver on the promise of value stream management.

The commitment

Much of what hopes to accomplish is uncharted waters. But more than anything, we recognize that learning and evolving our direction with both our employees and customers is essential.

Being customer-centric is a core principle of’s values, with Elop stating, “At, we are extremely dedicated to working with our customers and having our paths shaped by the experiences we are all having together.”

It’s because of you, our customers, partners, and past/current team members, that has been able to accomplish so much as we hit our second anniversary. The future excites and drives us to keep building our vision. In the meantime, we will enjoy the learning curves and work together with our community to delight our users and deliver value across our AI-Powered DevOps Platform.

Learn more about our latest AI-Powered DevOps Platform Ascension Release and stay up to date with the future of enterprise software here:  

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