Application Security

Protect and monitor applications and automatically react to threats and attacks
Product Description
Enhance DevSecOps practices by inserting protections into apps at build phase, monitor apps post-production, and automatically react to app attacks.


Build Secure Software to Prevent Reverse Engineering


Shift Left to Secure Applications

  • Prevent reverse-engineering of your mobile, web, and desktop apps 
  • Obfuscate code and detect app tampering
  • Insert security mechanisms into the apps you create during the "Build" stage  
App Sec Product Screenshot: Protect


Provide Visibility Into Apps Outside Your Firewall 

  • Visibility into which protections are triggered 
  • Stand-alone dashboard with option to integrate with existing Security Operation Center SIEMs 
  • Real time alerts plus searchable logs 
App Sec Product Screenshot: Monitor


Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) 

  • Force Step up authentication 
  • Customize reactions to alter specific application capabilities 
  • Configure automatic shut down of app upon tamper detection