We’re thrilled to announce the latest releases of our Digital.ai Agility and DevOps solutions providing new features to help you better manage and optimize your cloud and container deployments at scale, increase visibility from planning through delivery, and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary overhead.   

There are lots of things to cover, so let’s dive into the specific product releases and the great new features they are delivering. 

Digital.ai Agility 21.0 

Integrate seamlessly using Digital.ai Agility Connect 

Digital.ai Agility Connect provides native integrations with popular solutions, including Atlassian Jira, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Atlassian Jira Service Desk, and ServiceNow, making it faster and easier to integrate your existing tools with Digital.ai Agility. With Digital.ai Agility Connect you gain: 

  • Improved connectivity through a native integration hub with your essential solutions without the need for third-party adaptors or additional licensing

  • Increased visibility and reliability through an automated bidirectional data synchronization, providing a single source of truth 

  • Simplified setup and maintenance using a self-service interface, reducing the time and costs of configuring integrations 

  • Agile scalability through integrations that work with your existing team-level solutions, providing enterprise agile across the portfolio without the need to rip and replace 

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Improve collaboration with iteration planning from TeamRooms: 

Agile teams can now plan sprints and iterations directly from TeamRooms, simplifying the planning process. With the new access to the planning board, teams can manage sprints and iterations without needing to lose the context of the TeamRoom, making it easy to access items from the backlog, view dependencies, and plan sprints from a single place simplifying processes, increasing visibility, and improving collaboration. 

Digital.ai Release 10.0 

Add flexibility with expanded deployment options: 

With a continued focus on supporting the movement of applications to Kubernetes, we have expanded our deployment options, adding support for Kubernetes. You can now deploy and run Digital.ai Release 10.0 in an on-prem Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift (on-prem or in AWS), or AWS EKS environment. This added flexibility gives you the ability to choose the best deployment option – on-prem or in the cloud – for your release management tools. 

Enable GitOps for your Digital.ai Release environment: 

While you have been able to export many of the files from your Digital.ai Release environment (e.g., templates) to YAML, this release adds the ability to export the configuration files of Digital.ai Release itself (user profile settings, notification schemes, blackout & special days on calendar, general settings, etc.) to YAML. Now you can easily manage and share your Digitial.ai Release configurations as code in a Git repository, enabling GitOps. 

Additional features available in version 10 include: 

  • Year and day views added to the release calendar for easier planning and viewing 

  • Additional tab in the audit report that provides details about the permissions by user for each release, providing further insights for audits 

  • Folder-level notifications provide finer control of release notifications, improving collaboration and communication 

  • Token-based authentication support via Keycloak enables you to use SSO with Digital.ai Release improving user and access management tool integration 

  • An extended Support Accelerator with additional reports to provide better insight into the Digital.ai Release usage profile enabling faster data collection and troubleshooting  


Digital.ai Deploy 10.0 

Add flexibility with expanded deployment options: 

As discussed above for Digital.ai Release, you can now deploy and run Digital.ai Deploy 10.0 in an on-prem Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift (on-prem or in AWS), or AWS EKS environment. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best deployment option – on-prem or in the cloud – for your deployment management tools. 

Take back control, increase efficiency, and reduce costs with Stitch, a new extension to the Digital.ai Deploy scalable rules-based engine: 

Enterprises that are looking to do cloud-native at scale often run into “configuration file sprawl” because they need to deploy a growing number of applications across different platforms and environments. In addition to managing the file sprawl, there is also a struggle to leverage domain expertise across teams and ensure policies are followed. 



Stitch – a new extension of our scalable rules-based deployment engine – adds the ability to insert modularized code or patch existing deployment configuration code at deployment time so you can: 

  • Take back control and reduce the risk of your increasingly complex deployments by enabling the use of shared modular reusable components that are approved by your organization to produce new deployment configurations or update existing ones. This helps to reduce errors while also ensuring and tracking policy enforcement across all your deployment environments. 

  • Improve efficiency and enable GitOps for your configuration deployments with a new workbench that automatically identifies available Stitch macros for easy use within Digital.ai Deploy rules. This helps your DevOps experts easily debug and visually illustrate the deployment outcomes, and track changes by seamlessly integrating with your source control management. 

  • Reduce the time and cost of building and distributing expertise by enabling teams to leverage the modular best practices developed by domain experts. By eliminating the overhead of duplicate resources and the need to produce and maintain configurations for each unique deployment, teams can get more work done in parallel and then quickly and easily leverage that work across the organization. 

With the version 10 release, we will have Stitch enabled plugins for Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, and Azure. 

Digital.ai DevOps solutions integrations 

We continue to improve our integrations to expand capabilities and stay current. The latest integration updates include: 

  • IBM Websphere: Increase efficiency of WebSphere EAR file updates using the latest Digital.ai Deploy plugin, which adds the option to update the EAR file (in addition to current undeploy/deploy options), allowing you to customize deployment synchronization timing and behavior to best meet your specific needs. 

  • Jenkins: Expanded support for Jenkins with the latest Digital.ai Release plug-in that adds support for multibranch pipelines, enabling customers to orchestrate these pipelines out of the box. 

  • ServiceNow: Improved ease of use for ServiceNow with updates to both the Digital.ai Release plug-in and the ServiceNow Digital.ai Release Integration certified application. 

    • Digital.ai Release users can now override default configurations. 

    • ServiceNow users can create variables to pass to Digital.ai Release along with the ability to complete gate tasks in Digital.ai Release from ServiceNow. 

  • Support for the latest versions added to Digital.ai Release and Deploy plugins for Checkmarx, Jenkins, and Bamboo

Digital.ai Agility 21.0, Digital.ai Release 10.0, and Digital.ai Deploy 10.0 are available immediately. Digital.ai Agility Connect 21.0 will be available on February 2nd. 

For more about these new releases sign up now and join us for our webinar on February 4th in which we will dive into the new features delivered in the latest Digital.ai Agility and DevOps solutions. 

Learn more: 

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Digital.ai Agility 21.0 release notes 

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