Complete platform access at your fingertips with Flex Points Flex Points (DFPs) pricing gives you access to our entire product portfolio.* You simply purchase DFPs and exchange a DFP for the right to use a product. Our flexible licensing model makes it easy to access the right capability at the right time for companies of all sizes in any industry.

DFPs enable your agile organizations to access the right capability, when and how you need it

Keep projects moving

DFPs let your teams work non-stop; you just apply a DFP to the product you want to use and your license activates. Teams no longer need to delay critical activities waiting for purchase orders or spend time worrying about licenses.

Control spending

Establish a predictable spending model and increase in small increments as needed. Unlike traditional licensing, you do not waste valuable budget on unused software because DFPs can be moved between products to support your biggest business needs.

Eliminate tool sprawl simplifies your tools landscape by providing a full spectrum of capabilities that not only allows you to stop spending on redundant tools from multiple vendors but also standardize on a single solution.

Stay current

Customers gain immediate access to new product additions and functionality as they are placed in the portfolio, so you can start learning and applying them quickly.

Prove value at no cost

DFPs give you the freedom to try any product and test its feasibility, without spending on pilot projects. Invest in more DFPs only after you have confirmed the value of the software you need.

Get help from one consistent source

Customers can rely on one team for all their support needs, minimizing the time it takes to get help and get back to work.

How Flex Points work

  • Each product requires a defined number of DFPs
  • Reallocate DFPs across products each quarter based on historic usage patterns and future business needs
  • Create product bundles with the ability to concurrently run as many products as you need, depending on the total number of DFPs purchased
  • Purchase additional DFPs at any time as you scale up and expand usage

Support and services

  • Token price includes standard support
  • Customer can purchase premium support
  • Premium support applies to entire bank of DFPs and cannot be purchased for a single product
  • Implementation services and custom integration and programming services are not delivered with DFPs and are priced separately

* Key & Data Protection and App Aware are sold separately.

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