Denali Platform Launch Broadcast – October 2023

Join Jeff Moloughney, CMO, Jon Richter, VP of Product for Intelligent DevOps, and Greg Ellis, General Manager for Application Security as they look back at the last 6 months and review the new platform release highlights, themes, and trends for the Denali Release.

Jon will highlight how you can utilize the power of AI to further automate software delivery and enhance your developer experience by providing more cloud native support, easy access to more integrations and keep them better aligned to the business. Some highlights include:

  • Improve access to product knowledge
  • Further expand test coverage
  • Better orchestrate releases and govern code from AI-assisted
  • development

Greg will also review how you can better deliver high quality, secure apps at scale by providing robust protection against security threats, ensuring compatibility with the most recent operating systems and development frameworks, and optimizing performance of your most critical applications. Some highlights include:

  • Support more iOS development frameworks
  • Enhance security for web apps
  • Easier Performance Tuning

Watch the following new capabilities:

ARM Security for iOS

Watch how a threat actor approaches the task of reverse engineering an iOS app in a post bitcode world, and see how the tamper action is both detected and reported to App Aware by our ARM Security.

VM Obfuscation Guard

See how our new proprietary code and custom VM engine combine to enhance security of web applications protected by App Security for Web.

Incremental Checksum

See how our new incremental checksum feature can be used to more easily balance security and performance requirements.

Boost Developer Experience with the New Release Homepage

Learn how to configure the Release Homepage and enable an internal developer platform (IDP) with guided experience for your developers.

Create guided experience for Developers with Workflows

Learn how to create automated workflows to reduce the time of handoffs, release scripts, and manual infrastructure provisioning.

AWS Lambda Integration

Learn how the Release integrated into AWS Lambda helps you seamlessly create an AWS Lambda Function using an file with a guided workflow.

Terraform Integration

Learn how the Release integrated into Terraform helps you deploy Cloud Infrastructure (Infrastructure-as-Code) seamlessly with a guided workflow.

Initiate Standup Meeting

Stay organized and boost productivity while encourage team collaboration and individual growth by initiating daily standup meetings directly in Agility.

Agility Integration with GitHub Issues

Integrate GitHub Issues to eliminate delivery delays or production failures caused by buggy code and enable product leaders to effortlessly follow and manage issues throughout the CI/CD process.

Agility Integration with GitLab Issues

Enable product, portfolio, and team leaders to effortlessly track and manage issues throughout the CI/CD process without ever leaving Agility by integrating and syncing GitLab Issues.

IdeaSpace 2.0

Gain enhanced IdeaSpace moderator control and provide greater customer transparency into your roadmap.

AI-Powered Test Creation

Watch how natural language processing prompts are used to create tests that can be used as part of an automated testing suite.

AI-Powered Self Healing

Outdated locators or mismatched UI elements can lead to test failures in a DevOps environment. Watch how self-healing uses classification AI techniques to heal failed tests on the fly.

Cloud Administrator Dashboard

See how this dashboard of curated analytics help cloud administrators make data driven decisions and reach their KPIs.

Automation Manager Dashboard

Watch how automation managers can quickly identify the health of their automation tests and identify trends, with this analytic rich dashboard.

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