In the era of DevOps, application development and IT operations leaders face ever-increasing demands to be more agile. Unfortunately, traditional IT change management processes can be more of a bottleneck than an enabler of agility. Case in point: if your change management processes and teams are like most, your reaction to the recent crisis was probably a change freeze.

So, is it time to finally ditch ITIL change management and fully embrace DevOps? This is probably the wrong question to ask. A better question would be: how can AI-powered analytics, like change risk prediction, bridge the gap between ITIL and DevOps?

Learn how recent advances in AI-powered analytics can help you adopt ITIL 4 best practices, realize the benefits promised by DevOps, and retain the discipline of ITIL. Join guest speaker George Spalding, Pink Elephant Executive VP, and Joe Foley, Insights Architect.

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