Enterprise agility refers to an organization’s ability to adapt and respond quickly and effectively to changes in the business environment. It involves the capacity to rapidly adjust strategies, processes, and structures to stay competitive and deliver value in a dynamic and uncertain market. Enterprise agility goes beyond individual teams or departments practicing agile methodologies. It encompasses the entire organization, from leadership and decision-making processes to culture and mindset. It requires a holistic approach to agility, where flexibility, adaptability, and innovation are embedded in the organization’s DNA.

In this roundtable discussion, prominent subject matter experts and Digital.ai product leaders unpack the concept of enterprise agility in the age of digital transformation. They highlight the importance of moving from “doing Agile” to “being agile” and the need for enterprises to adapt to a changing and uncertain future. As part of the discussion, they opine on the current state of agile adoption, with many enterprises recognizing the value of agile practices beyond software development and touch on the challenges faced by executives in shifting from traditional ways of working to agile approaches.

Three key areas are identified for achieving enterprise agility:

  1. Meaningful empowerment involves giving teams autonomy and accountability for delivering value.
  2. Environmental awareness entails looking beyond the organization to understand customer needs, market dynamics, and technological advancements.
  3. Flexible commitment emphasizes the importance of adapting strategies and maintaining standards while optimizing value for customers.

While discussing how to achieve enterprise agility, they share how customers adopt and embrace Digital.ai solutions to support team empowerment and decision-making through features like team rooms and roll-up categories and how to scale up and across the enterprise, while developing empathy and focusing on the customer experience in order to drive successful digital transformations.

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