SAFe® Scaled Agile Framework

Automate SAFe® and get the insights you need to transform the way value is delivered

What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

SAFe® is a leading Agile framework for implementing and scaling Agile workflow, Lean methods, DevOps practices along with Systems thinking. Over 20K enterprises have adopted SAFe to boost employee experiences, rally teams around quality and value, accelerate time to market, and transform the way value is delivered to customers.


Drive Business Results

SAFe 5.1 is enabling business agility and improving business outcomes for organizations of all sizes across the world. Based on SAFe customer case studies, Scaled Agile has reported an overall improvement in economic outcomes, with the following typical results reported by enterprises:

  • 50% Faster time-to-market
  • 35% Increase in productivity
  • 50% Improvements in quality
  • 30% Increased employee engagement
Drive Agility


Enabling Enterprises and Government agencies to scale beyond team-level Agile Practices

  • Achieve better organizational performance by aligning product delivery with market requirements
  • Improve software delivery efficiency and reliability
  • Drive continuous improvement with increased visibility

SAFe Principles

“Organize around value” is a core tenant of SAFe and most challenging for organizations to accomplish at scale. To gain the full benefits of business agility and drive outcomes to success enterprises need to:

  • Take the time to understand value streams
  • Focus on outcomes over outputs
  • Adopt value stream management
  • Steer with KPIs, metrics, and actionable insights
Safe Principles


How can help with utilizing Scaled Agile Framework

The AI-Powered DevOps Value Stream Delivery for SAFe® solution enables organizations to scale agile practices, connect the entire end-to-end process from concept to customer, and gain the insights needed to make data-driven decisions that transform the way value is delivered to customers.

The first and only solution with market-leading Enterprise Agile Planning, DevOps and AI-powered analytics all seamlessly integrated end-to-end provides the critical capabilities to:


Simplify SAFe adoption through unrivaled out-of-the-box support and metrics


Scale agile practices beyond teams to the portfolio and throughout the organization using a single integrated solution