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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jun 19, 2011 — DevOps Expert

2011 Gartner Infrastructure and IT Operations Summit

We recently returned from the Gartner Infrastructure and IT Operations Summit, in Orlando. At the conference we showcased XL Deploy 3.0, our deployment automation solution and release automation Best Practice. The theme of this Gartner Summit was one of achieving IT Operations Excellence by simplifying IT processes and aligning IT operations with business priorities. Cameron Haight, VP at Gartner research, delivered a session on ‘DevOps’ where he reinforced the need for deployment automation process definition and enhanced tooling to bridge the gap between development and operations teams during the deployment lifecycle. Ronni Colville and Donna Scott, VP’s at Gartner research, continued to drive the thought process on data center automation and discussed what is possible when businesses automate and leverage tooling to reduce errors and increase quality. It was clear that companies that have longer deployment lifecycles are disabled by errors and unnecessary complexities. Lengthy processes are putting these businesses at a competitive disadvantage. Speed to Market is quickly becoming an all around business priority and businesses that fail to deliver applications quickly and accurately will be left behind. XL Deploy stood out at the conference as the first solution that can achieve the deployment speed and reliability needed to keep businesses ahead of the game and first to market with application delivery. XL Deploy eliminates errors completely, by automatically running deployment procedure steps, at the time of deployment. There is no need for experts, manual processes or agents, the product 'just works' and delivers Java applications, accurately, on time, every time. Other deployment automation solutions offer assisted workflow and optimize pieces of existing deployment processes but only XL Deploy can achieve error free delivery of applications, for every deployment, enabling optimal resource utilization and guaranteed fast and accurate delivery of applications. One thing is for sure, organizations are transitioning and finding the right tools to achieve Best Practices for application delivery and the XebiaLabs team are happy to be defining and delivering the proven Best Practice for deployment automation. To learn more about XL Deploy - Click Here

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