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3 Companies Doing Amazing Work With Enterprise Mobile Apps

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Wondering what enterprise mobile apps can do for your business?

To give you an idea about what the right technology can do for your business, here’s a look at three different companies doing amazing work with enterprise-level mobile applications.  

CISCO Mobilizes Its Global Sales Team

If you’re looking to mobilize your global field sales with enterprise content and data, you’ll appreciate Cisco’s recent successful approach. Within three months of choosing a partner, Cisco had 1,700 iOS users downloading their enterprise mobile apps from its customized enterprise app store and  had expanded to support Android devices by the end of the year.

Much more to the point, Cisco’s enterprise mobility program accomplished what it set out to do: it designed and built simple, easy to use apps that helped its sales team to sell. And today more than 12,500 subscribers use their own mobile devices to access Cisco’s flagship Sales Mobile app.

AT&T Gets Busy With Collaboration

The last thing a big-name, enterprise-level brand needs is segmented internal knowledge -- and that’s why AT&T searched for a mobilization solution that would connect, mobilize, and encourage its global sales team to collaborate for pre-and post-sales activities.

AT&T worked with its mobile application management (MAM®) platform to power more than 6,600 AT&T field sales personnel with quick and easy access to mobile applications. Their branded enterprise app store allows the company’s employees to collaborate and communicate on a previously unreachable level. It has also spurred the large, multi-level business on to work far more quickly and nimbly than ever before.

Santam Speeds Up with A Cloud-Based Platform

Despite the highly competitive insurance landscape, Santam is South Africa's largest short-term insurer. To maintain its technological edge in the digital age, Santam sought out the proper enterprise mobile apps to educate its employees and customers and embrace the benefits of cloud-based technology -- including e-brochures, digital premium quotes, and broker knowledge databases.

Santam decided that a cloud-based mobile application platform would meet its needs by providing a professional-looking catalog that was easy for not-so-tech-savvy brokers to use. This uniquely branded experience helped Santam to deploy quickly and manage long-term scalability with ease: two huge factors in enterprise mobility efforts.

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